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    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2007
    The seas and the stars in the moonlight
    Whispers and winds in the dew light
    Moons' gleams, music rings, making True light

    Rains sing out their glee in the starlight
    Dusk drifts then dark falls till the sunlight
    Night is wild dark queen, then breaks dawn light

    Grasses sway, children play in the daylight
    Glistening blue by clouds run through in the gay light
    Let mystery give way to Sun's ray light

    The flowers and trees in the bright light
    Specked and bedecked where lays no light
    Still cling to the charms of the first light

    Breakfast to Teatime - still shines morning light
    Then all things bathe in the fading light
    All lands appear blest when touched by evening light

    Birches stand maidlike in the moonlight
    Empty branches are jeweled in the dew light
    Stand under velvet skies in the True light
    I'm not really sure. . . . , but, it seems to me that the overly large periods of time "Trenchcoat" spends in the dark seem to have had a massive effect upon their mental state. Hopefully this prose allowed you to release some pent up tension. However, take care you don't lose your reputation. ;D