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    • CommentAuthorCyranoPen
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2007
    From a Journal

    Confident and smug, she allowed herself almost a cruel smile knowing she was justified at last. She no longer had reason to rub it in and she felt no desire to prove herself in any way. They knew the truth and she no longer cared.
    They had mocked her and let her slip away because they no longer understood her. She grew where they remained in their adolescent mindset. She wanted so much to warn them what the real world would bring, but they would not hear of it. They were closed to all things outside, they were closed to her.
    She saw them for what they were now and she didn’t need to hold so tightly to their memory. They now would understand her, but she had learned to live without them. They had each other to help them through were she had no one. She was stronger because of it.
    She finally turned to walk away. No pause, no looking back. She held her head high and no one watching her back fade into the distance could see the last tear of their memory slide off her face onto the pavement.

    Can love die? Or is it only infatuation? Here lives that memory of the one, or two, or three who rattled your emotion and strummed your heart strings. Those faces are still clear but the feelings are foreign. They are distant. Yet they could return with another face at any time, like the smallpox or measles.

    The human emotion is a complex creature, and yes, I would call it a creature; because it is alive. Emotions can live strong and healthy, they can die, they can be sick but rarely do they make sense.

    There lives in the human emotion, certain faces and souls that have managed to stir their mind. Yes, the mind and the emotion are clearly linked together. A male is known to have a strong mind and to do all his thinking with his mind. A woman is known to have deep, emotional thinking. She is mocked because her emotions often get her into trouble, she is called confusing and irrational because she thinks with her heart.

    Is it any more right to think with a mind only and thus sign away all sense of feeling to a situation that requires analysis. The human soul requires that both the mind and emotion come under the control of the spirit. The spirit which is undeniably a gift from God.

    The mind cannot control our lives because it would rule out the necessity of other humans playing a role in our play.

    The emotion cannot control our lives as we would be tossed too and fro by whoever happens to be the most convincing to our feeling heart.

    The spirit however, weighs in justice and mercy as balanced elements to planning and living. Our lives can only be properly propelled by the undeniable truth of the word of God as revealed to us through the discerning spirit.
    "Yes, the point, wit! I should like to die some rosy night under the sky, making a witty remark for a fine cause."
    -Cyrano de Bergerac
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2007
    "Love is not love that alters when alteration it finds."
    The Deadliest Trenchcoat
    The measles! Yes! That's quite it.

    Just a slight protest about guys thinking like machines. Occasionally tisn't so.
    There are both female and male minds on each side, emotion and not, I daresay. I've been accused recently of being too analytical and resistant to emotion. Me! (Don't you dare say anything ...)

    Anyway, people are different. Whether male or female, we have to learn how much to let out and how much just makes life sticky.

    I feel sticky today.