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    I have checked, and yes, further developments are Definitely pending!

    Oh, good!

    For a while there a thought that he had just disappeared and you didn't know where to find him!

    *Whew* That takes a GREAT load off my mind.
    *is relieved along with DJ
    Baxter gave an audible sniff as the dish containing the chocolate eclair cake floated from the end of the table, where he had placed it, and gently landed next to Mr. Reynold's plate. He did not approve of mixing experimentation and meals. Eating was an important business, and playing with one's food was not only messy, but uncouth.

    But the master of the house was far too entranced with his new gadget to notice the butler's disapproval. He held the metal rod, which now had a sort of lens attachment over the active end of it, and pointed it at the cake again.

    “Sir, if I might suggest,” Baxter broke in, “Perhaps something less fragile than dessert. A candlestick?”

    “Yes, I should try a heavier item,” agreed Mr. Reynolds, mischievously. “Here, hold still.”

    “Sir!” Baxter found himself slowly lifted to a few feet off the ground. He maintained his posture, and, in a icy voice, “Sir, if you will excuse me, I have dishes to attend to in the kitchen.” Until they found a cook less likely to be terrified by a sudden laser shooting through the kitchen floor and slightly singing the tip of her nose, Baxter was filling in for several staff positions. It was difficult to retain reliable servants when the fear of death or ghosts was so prevalent among new hires.

    Mr. Reynolds stifled a laugh. “Sorry, sorry, Baxter, that wasn't quite good of me, I know. I'm pretty sure this is what threw Miss Marance into the punch bowl, though.” He became pensive. “If this could be adjusted – this apparatus acts on the carbon molecules within a strictly defined field of influence. It does not exert a force to tear them apart, but takes them in a whole with their predetermined bonds and, for lack of a better word, encourages them to drift one way or the other. There are many possibilities.”

    Baxter, finding himself again on the floor, gathered up the dishes which had been broken or otherwise emptied, and with a stiff bow, excused himself to the kitchen.
    neat toy!
    I want one!
    It's obviously an antigravitationalwatchamakalit.
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    Clarification - I have determined that the name is truly 'Mr. Reynolds,' not 'Mr. Reynold.'  I don't know why I started out with the singular, but it has become physically impossible to maintain.  I shall revert to the norm.

    Normified Anemone



    Two nights later, Abacot pulled Millicent up to a corner on the eastern side of town, where a pasture filled with quietly sleeping cows met three tall cornfields. Panjandrum and Eddie exited the back of the car, and stepped across the road to Staunton’s BMW, where his chauffeur was sitting nervously, with his lights off as he’d been instructed. After his recent experiences, he wasn’t sure how he felt about meeting strangers in masks at the middle of the night, but Panjandrum had a way of firmly stating that if he did not meet them, his master would be walking home that evening, and Frankson didn’t dare ignore that fact.


    Mr. Staunton slid into the back seat of the car, and Panjandrum closed the door behind him. “Home, Frankson,” Eddie said, and they drove off towards the city.


    Baxter was still feeling rather chilly regarding the incident in the dining room, and preserved a dignified silence as he drove them back onto the road. After a very few moments, Mr. Reynolds broke the silence. “I think Eddie is feeling a little less paranoid, now that he’s had a few days’ quiet rest. I shall want to call on Lady Marance and her daughter in the morning – it’s been nearly a week since the incident, and they will think me inattentive if I don’t visit in person at least once. As Lady Marance said Miss Rebecca was feeling much better three days ago, I’m sure it will be good timing.”

    “Indeed, sir,” Baxter agreed.


    “In the meantime, Abacot, I’ve been feeling the strain of staying near the house for Eddie’s benefit – I think we could use a little excitement. I received a closed call from Pixie this afternoon, and he has kindly invited us to look in on him and Belle in the Loirante downtown. They’re hosting a little party, and expect to unmask a villain. It promises to be a worthy distraction.”


    “Very well, sir.” Abacot took the next left to head back towards town, and reassured himself that his mask was perfectly fitted. A little distraction would be a good thing, especially assuming Mr. Reynolds could find someone else to practice his new device on.



    I can't believe Baxter doesn't like his levitational lessons!

    Great story! Please keep it coming!

    ~The levitationally excited Bree