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    It's your turn O All Persuasive One.

    That is, if you want to.

    But if you don't do something soon I am afraid I shall have to think of something sufficiently berating to say.

    The Submissive D.J.

    P.S. I am talking about someone whose real name I do not know.

    I'm not sure there's anyone whose real name you don't know reading this anymore ... :-D

    Not-so-bashful Anemone

    Hmmm if you don't know someones name then you can certainly ask Flynn and if she feels like it, she can tell you ^^
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    Firstly, let me deeply apologize for my inactivity. I've been working and doing volunteer things, on top of school.

    Second, I need to catch up, so I am going to read through this and see if I can post some on.

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    He means, of course, the inscrutable TRENCHCOAT, who is so deeply ingrained in the shadows of your site that you did not even think of him.


    (especially wicked laugh)

    Him??? Trenchcoat is a him???  And DJ doesn't know who it is???? And the world is ending???


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    wb dak, hope to see you post a bit now you've returned from the shadows. Or, I suppose you could post from them, considering that's where one of our members does everything :)
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    Or rather, cousin Jemima would be blending right in with the aliens, in a splendid jealousy green. Just wait until she heard he was the one who got abducted by aliens. Aliens from the future no less. Yes, Jemima would most certainly be jealous when he told her... Private Phillips came up short with that thought. Hurrying up towards Sonya, he caught her by the shoulder.

    "Hey, how do I catch a shuttle back home, when you're finished asking me your questions and such?"

    "Home," Sonya looked at him blankly for a moment. "Oh... you won't be able to go back. Unless Dr. Voresmiele perfects his memory erasure device and, frankly, that isn't likely as he has been making no progress for around 40 re-cycles."


    "Beg pardon. In earth units... bother, I hate conversions. Around 52 rotations around the sun."

    "Ah.. 52 years?"

    "I suppose." Sonya sounded preoccupied. "Maybe you shouldn't interrupt right now. Customs is always trouble after an out-of-time trip."

    "Right." Phillips said. "Shutting up now."
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    That's all?!!

    That's all I get!?

    I mean its not as though I'm ungrateful or anything, but hardly anything has happened since I posted last!

    slightly indignant,

    Yes! we're back online. Now all you ppl can get to writing while I finish up my semester here. I might need to take a break now and then soooooo WRITE! xD
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    But it's your turn! So we can't.
    High Lord Rone, or rather, His Lordship Cowen Femeqnul par Pelr of the Pelr estates as he kept being reminded was his new identity, was unable to stop fidgeting while being shuttled via private transport to the political 'party' at the residence of recently elevated High Lord Ub of the 1st world. Five other High Lords were expected to attend as well, though not the Lord of Seven.
    During all the time that had remained since Tamos Qa was convinced the insertion was worth the risk they had prepared him. Both in matters of etiquette (he was, after all, being demoted in a way) and also to be able to answer the large and varied number of questions that would be thrown at him.
    It had been decided that a large portion of the resources available to the group would be dedicated to this cause. Rone was to appear a wealthy, yet impressionable young lord who might be willing to be guided monetarily in exchange for receiving a few political favors. While in truth he was young and indeed even impressionable, he was fully committed to removing the Enomena, and fully as nervous as he believed he could be without bursting a vessel.
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    (of course this also applies to anyone who can write on the story and isn't)



    P.S. Will someone please write about my little purple alien? It is starting to feel slightly neglected.
    You don't want to write about your own purple alien? That's fine of course. . but we had no way of knowing.
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    Well, I'd be happy to write about the little purple alien, Juggernaut, but according to the rules of the site, I'm not allowed to. (but I am Trenchcoat, so I may decide to circumvent the rules)

    Phillips and Sonya made their way for several hundred yards to a glass-walled series of offices along what seemed to be one end of a medium-sized spaceport. He'd been slightly surprised to not have caused more rubber-necking among the citizens, but aside from some shorter, small, more pastel-colored children gawking at him, they had been pretty much ignored.

    The main part of the spaceport's concourse had brightly colored tiles of some sort underfoot, and quite a bit of chrome and glass-looking decor. However, as they continued to what look like a customs area, the tone turned to the desperately cheerful atmosphere so common in all bureaucratic and red-tape areas, whether part of Earth or another planet.

    Sonya led him up to a counter which did not have a twisting, lengthy line before it, and the attendant listened to her and waved her through a door to the left. They entered a gray waiting room with short chairs and a window leading to an office. The blue-finned person behind the shelved window handed Sonya a stack of forms to fill out, and she began to work over them, quickly skimming through the necessary boxes. It looked to Phillips as though she was rather familiar with them, and he idly wondered if she had registered many other 'sentient zoological specimens.'

    The whole process took about half an hour of form-filling. Phillips would have offered to help, but the script on the forms looked more like Mandarin Chinese than any Arabic alphabet, and he hadn't a clue how to read it. Artichoke had quickly become bored with the lack of huntable items in the room, and was demanding that Phillips pet him unceasingly, so he considered that he was doing his part by keeping the little thing occupied.

    After Sonya had finished the forms, they had to wait again for the agent to read them, contact the people she needed to contact, and figure out what to do with them next. Sonya fidgeted, and answered Phillips' questions with monosyllables.

    "So, your mother lives around here?"


    "And ... we're going to go see her?"


    "I suppose she sees a lot of interesting people, with you and your father collecting specimens." He tried not to let that last sound sarcastic, but wasn't sure he'd succeeded.

    "I suppose so."

    Phillips wished he knew what in the world was going on to make her so suddenly irritable, and felt slightly panicky at the thought that if she was upset about something, he wouldn't have anywhere to go if that something became a big problem. Not that this was particularly a good situation, even if he did stay in her care."Still," he murmured to Artichoke, "the devil you know ..."

    After about 20 minutes of nothing, a peachy-finned male came into the room where they were. He had a sort of blue uniform on, which was unfortunate with his skin tone, and a weapon on his belt. Sonya looked slightly startled. "Come with me, please, Ms. Suchei & Specimen Phillips."

    If Phillips didn't know better, he'd say Sonya paled at the words, but it was hard to tell, greenishness and all. They rose, and Phillips carried Artichoke as they followed the guard into the next hallway.

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    oooh! someone wrote! I am a thankful person, Anemone.
    Sonya sat with her back rigid. After entering the circular white-walled office, she and Phillips had quickly been seated. The guard then sat down behind a small desk in the corner of the room, and turned his attention to the stack of papers sitting on top. He had remained in that position for a full 30 min. when Sonya let out an exasperated sigh.

    "Is this really necessary officer Domok?" She asked crossly, stressing the word "officer".

    The Officer glanced up abruptly and spoke in an amused, condecending tone, "If you hadn't dropped out of the 'Program' to go galavanting off to collect specimens and show off all your bravado, you would know the answer to that question. Historical analysis and review is VERY necessary." With that Officer Domok resumed his analysis. Leaving Sonya glaring at a spot on the wall.

    After a moment of simmering silence she spoke coldly, "You continue to demean yourself by harboring your foolish jealousy of the past. It was I who worked hardest in the Program, and I who excelled. And because of that, it was I who was chosen for this role, and not you. You were lazy and wanted to attain this position with only your popularity to recommend you. But the Program board was not so naive and though you have convinced yourself otherwise, chose the person best suited for MY job." After this heated statement Sonya rose and glanced at Phillips, then back at Domok, and stated levely, "If you have completed your review and find the specimen adequetly checked, we will depart - as we have other things to do than be detained in this manner."

    Officer Domok's eyes had hardened, and now glinted dangerously. But he merely nodded his head once, and watched with barely contained rage as Sonya and Phillips walked out of his office. After she had exited, Domak muttered under his breath, "Just wait, young one, and we will see who really holds the position of power."
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    Commander Suchei gave a deep sigh and glared at the communication radio. Two hours after deciding that his ship was infested by rodents and giving him permission to hover, command center had finally gotten around to informing him of what was happening. According to the junior lieutenant at the other end of the radio, the object he had seen was a rodent, he merely hadn't been able to identify it. It wasn't helping his mood that they managed to imply that both his education and his cleaning standards were under par while they communicated to him that as space port did not have any exterminators that they regularly worked with, they would be calling one in. Of course, this was just occurring and after the arrival of the exterminator, they would need to be briefed on proper military space port procedure, unless command was able to find a retired shuttle captain who had decided to take up killing small animals.

    "Ridiculous," the commander muttered. "I'd rather find out what it is myself." He thought this statement over for a moment and then grinned a rather frightening grin. "In fact, let's see if I can figure this creature out in the time it takes them to get that exterminator up here to me. Should give me a day or two." He raised his voice. "Navigator! Come take the helm for me."

    Nearly half an hour later, the commander was traveling the hallways of the ship, pulling a cart filled with various pieces of detection equipment. As life form detection wasn't working, he had pulled out the foreign metals, gaseous planets, mineral, and glacier detectors, along with several others he had worked on designing for specific trips into the past. It was time to hunt some slippery purple alien.
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    Happy DJ? Let's see some story from you now.
    I'm trying to wait patiently but it's getting harder and harder... What happens next?
    Sparechange, DJ, Dakoru.... ONE of you has to go sooner or later.
    All right, now that I have caught up I just have to think of something intelligent to say.
    The crew was getting anxious. They knew how close they were to the beginning of their leave time and they were anxious to make the most of it and not waste one nanosecond. They knew that they were entitled to an especially long leave, for they had been out on duty longer than was normally required. When the space vessel finally touched down into the waiting arms of the docking bay stall, the crew let loose with a resounding cheer.

    Most of the crew had gathered their belongings and had lined up to await the admittance of the shuttle that would take them down to the space station. From there they would get onto a larger shuttle that would take them down to the planet’s surface. The captain then called a meeting of his chief officers. The crew settled down to wait as they knew that they would not be leaving the ship until they heard from their respective leading officers. Unbeknownst to the captain, or any of his officers for that matter, an uninvited guest was also listening in on the conversation in the captain’s quarters.

    The captain began without preamble as soon as all of his chief officers were assembled. “As you know,” he said. “We have been gone for quite a bit longer than expected.” There were a few soft grunts of assent from the others which strangled and died in their throats when the captain glared at them. “Therefore our leave time will be extended accordingly.” This news, although it was certainly expected, elicited a few hesitant smiles from the officers present. The captain continued without noticing. “I have decided to have the engines overhauled.” He glared around meeting their eyes as if daring them to object. “Now I know that none of you will have noticed any problems with them as there is technically nothing wrong with them. However, I believe that it is in the best interest of all the crew members that we have the strongest engines that we can get.” Some of the officers stirred uncomfortably, not liking the direction in which this conversation was headed. “I felt sure that you would all be happy to pitch in, so I took the liberty of taking a bit out of everyone’s pay and using towards getting us some new and better engines.” There was dead silence in the room. The main reason that they didn’t object vehemently to what the captain had done was because the leave time that they were about to enjoy wouldn’t be so enjoyable from on the inside of a space station prison cell. The captain, sensing that he was getting close to a line which he did not want to cross, decided to bring the meeting to a close. “You may advise your men that we are due to remain docked here until the work on the ship is completed to my satisfaction. That should take about 4 weeks, give or take a week, with only a minimal number of crew members needed to remain on board. Dismissed!”

    Behind the grating that covered the ventilation system vent, two dark grey eyes watched as the chief officers marched out of the captain’s quarters. The head swiveled to keep the captain himself within sight as long as possible, as the being quickly but quietly, headed down the duct to where the others were awaiting its report.

    “Aht leesst trhee weekss” it said simply.

    “Veery goood,” said another. The others seemed to look to this one for instruction. “Whee musst bhid our tiime fhor now. Uhntil teh shiip iss not gaarded suffiicientlhee.”

    “Whee keeep gaatering iinfhormation tehn?” One asked.

    “Fhor nhow” the apparent leader intoned. “Sooon whee wiill bhegin to creeate liittle accidhents, bhut wehn iit chomes to bhee tiime ahnd whee striike, iit wiill bhee swhift ahnd strong. Tehy wiill nhever rechover iin tiime.”

    With that, all four small purple beings parted ways and went back to gathering information, biding their time.

    Meanwhile on board the ESS Scaira, Commander Suchei’s ship, a very similar meeting was taking place, though the four small purple beings were huddled rather closer together and spoke faster and in more urgent undertones. They knew that they were being hunted and that fact complicated their way of reaching their goal, the space station. If they attained that goal, then they would be well on their way towards securing the success of their mission.
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    Yay! someone wrote!

    Hmm, this purply-alien-dude is pretty slippery!

    I think that there are more than one
    Anyone? Anyone at all? please?
    Private Phillips, having had quite a bit of experience in the way of people who had power over him being extremely angry and unpredictable, kept very quiet as they wove through hallways and finally exited the building. Artichoke squirmed from Phillips' arms as soon as they stepped into the sunlight, and began making a rather adorable churring sound as he trundled along towards a line of waiting ... hovercraft?

    Sonya didn't slow or seem to notice as Phillips gaped, forgetting to walk or breathe for a moment. He had thought that not much could startle him, now that he'd been through so much, but apparently he had been wrong.

    Several people who seemed to be the alien equivalent of taxi drivers started hollering in their general direction, and Sonya chose a smallish individual, spoke some directional phrases to him, and she and Phillips and Artichoke all got into the car and settled back. The seats felt as though they were covered with a type of plastic, and the backs of the chairs had the predictable gouges cut out where the Sonya's fins protruded. Unfortunately, this design caused Phillips some discomfort.

    "Oh, well," he thought, "I can see why they do it. Must be pretty uncomfortable for fins against a solid back." He began to quietly daydream about other methods of chair-making, including having the rest in front, and leaning forward instead of back, as the pastel and glitter city sped past.

    The driver stopped at a very tall building. Sonya gave him three of some sort of token, and they stepped towards the building. After entering the front door, Sonya led Phillips (who was again carrying Artichoke -- the animal seemed to be getting very lazy!) into a sort of elevator. They rose to the 43rd floor, Phillips determined by counting the spaces flashing past the semi-transparent walls. As they walked out into the hallway, he marveled at the extreme presence of all the colors of the rainbow. Not only were the aliens themselves colorful, but their environment never lacked changing colors and lights.

    Sonya went up to the first door on the 43rd floor and gave it a couple firm taps.

    I hate it when stories are left hanging...

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    Then fix it, Bree!

    I think i knew you would say that..


    perhaps I could help, although so many characters and sub-plots have been invented by now I wouldn't know where to start...


    Phillips blinked as the door immediately swung open, revealing the lower two thirds of an alien.   Before he could react, Sonya brushed past him and walked purposfully through the door.  Feeling very conspicuous, Phillips followed, comfortably tucking artichoke under his arm. Once  they were through the door, it swung shut.  Glancing around him, Phillips was again confronted with a long skinny, bright orange torso.   But this time his gazed moved up, and up, until he saw the alien's angular face, and bulging orange eyes.  He gulped.  That was one tall alien.  His scrutiney was cut short as Sonya spoke quietly to the alien, who then turned to a rack hanging on the wall.  There were dozens of cards, brightly colored as usual, hanging on this, and the alien grabbed one and handed it to Sonya.  After saying a few more curt words , Sonya turned and grabbed his arm, gave a nod to the doorkeeper and tugged Phillips down yet another long brightly lit corridor.  This one had doors lining either side, each with a strange symbol that Phillips guessed to be a number.  About halfway down the hall, Sonya stopped and turned towards a door that had three parallel squiggly lines and another diagonal line crossing them.  She pressed the turqoise colored card the doorkeeeper had given her, against a glowing dial on the left of the door, and it hissed open.  Finally she turned towards Phillips and gave him her full attention.  She nodded towards the doorway and spoke in english for the first time since entering the building, "That is where you will stay, while you are with us, it is furnished to accomodate your kind. You will be comfortable, and they will bring you regular meals.  Until I return you are to stay in your room."  She looked at him with a little pity then and added, "it's for your own safety."  Phillips nodded slightly, still wondering who the 'they' was that would be giving him is 'regular' meals.  He also wondered about the food here.    Realizing that Sonya was looking at him expectantly he nodded to her and reluctantly put artichoke in her arms.  After muttering "thanks" he walked through the door, which hissed and clicked shut behind him.

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    Good job Bree =) and Nylad, feel free to join in however you like.

    After testing each of his implements in turn, Commander Suchei had found only two devices that seemed capable of detecting the tiny purple invaders.  The mineral detection unit claimed to have found traces of an exotic mineral known as Tyropline Sulphate in multiple locations on the ship.  This mineral is used by weapons manufacturers in the barrels of their blaster cannons because it reduces the heat output of the weapon and allows them to fire faster without overheating.  The thing of it was, the detection unit showed the presence of this mineral in many more places than just the weapon banks. 

    The Ore-acle, a highly advanced metal detector co-invented by Suchei himself, also showed small, pieces of metal, ovoid in shape, moving throughout the air ducts of the ship.  Suchei conjectured that these must be the creatures he was looking for, although it was very puzzling to him that they appeared to be metallic in nature. 

    "No matter," he thought to himself, "now how am I going to catch one?"


    After spending more than an hour setting up a variety traps near several air vents and grates,  Commander Suchei was summoned to the bridge.  Command center had apparently contacted an exterminator who should be along within 48 hours. 

    "That should be plenty of time to catch at least one specimen of my own," he thought gleefully.

    In this matter he was incorrect, however.  After nearly a day and a half had passed he still had not trapped a single creature.  Even his favorite trap, an intricate system involving magnets, had failed.  Of course, a trap can't truly be expected to catch anything without bait, of which he had none, not knowing what these creatures even ate.  He would simply have to wait for the exterminator to arrive and let him do the work.

    yay! someone wrote about my little purple aliens! Nice ideas Nylad. =)

    Thanks.  :D 

    This kept reminding me of Mousehunt on facebook. 

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    LOL, yeah I know what you mean. ;)
    Wow, lots of developments! Interesting ...

    You need to jump in now Anemone.  the loose ends are flapping wildly

    ~the very worried Bree


    Hope this works for all of you!!


    Now that Sonya had the alien specimen safely tucked away, she breathed a mental sigh of relief. They could be so unpredictable! She proceeded back to the elevator shaft, then took it up another few stories. Entering a large room with a double door on one end and several smaller rooms radiating from it, she walked to one of the smaller rooms with a green panel on the door. Divesting herself of her packages and boots, she quickly changed into a light robe which left most of her back, arms, and legs exposed. She took off Artichoke's harness and, with him following close behind, approached the large doors opposite the elevator.


    This time, the doors opened onto a beach. Big, slate-colored rocks dotted a sandy beach which dissembled into a bright green ocean. A wave of salt air touched her face, and a hot sun shone very comfortably down onto her skin. In response to the heat her fins opened involuntarily, and began to collect energy from the air. Ignoring the pleasant languor that stole over her, Sonya briskly stepped out onto the sand. The door breathed shut behind her, and the hum of the building was replaced by the sound of irregular splashing and waves crashing into the rocks.


    Sonya's parents were not among the ruling class on the Second World, but her mother's work as an exobiologist and her father's steady success as the captain of a vessel that had seen many lucrative voyages, both in real space and out of time, had enabled them to live quite comfortably. The building Sonya and her charge had entered was built against a cliff, and the elevator had just deposited her on top of that same cliff. The top of building extended long and low for several yards along the top of the cliff. Two low hedges of splirosa, a type of sea grass, marked each end of the building and wound their way down to the ocean, creating a clear boundary between this property and the next.


    As it was just past the middle of the afternoon, the noise of the city below them was dying down; not that you could hear very much up here, anyways. Sonya's legs were rudely bumped aside, and as she staggered slightly, Artichoke charged down the beach towards the water. She caught her balance, and couldn't help grinning at his enthusiasm. It was evidently his dream to catch one of the flying criests which were dotting the shoreline, doubtless looking for a snack. As he approached the smooth sand where the water had washed up the beach, the quick criests started to run in various directions away from him, not deigning to bother to take to the air. Artichoke ran after first one, then another, as they sidled towards him and ran away.


    A yellow flash to the right caught Sonya's attention as she walked towards the beach Artichoke was stamping his paw prints onto. Her mother was lying face down, her yellow fins fully extended into the air above her, sparkling with radiant heat.


    “Mother!” Sonya ran over to the rock her mother was basking on.


    “Hello, Sonya. I've been expecting you. Your father said you were on your way. He's been slightly held up with an infestation problem, but he should be joining us in time for dinner.”


    “Mother, what's this about the Veil-Breakers declaring Lord of Sevens the ruler, and the Council dissolving itself? We've got to do something! Have you heard from Ura? What is Tamos Qa up to?”


    Her mother giggled softly. “Sonya, please! It's time for reule, slow down and take a break for a moment.” She sat up and stretched, then leaned over to critically inspect her daughter. “You must be frightfully sun-starved after your journey. You and your father never seem to visit any deserts while you're away. Lay down and relax for a moment, you can wait until dinner to save the world.” She settled back onto her stomach, lay her head on her arms, and closed her eyes.


    Sonya felt a moment of fierce frustration, and grumpily slumped down onto a rock next to her mother. “But we've been away and I need to know what's happening!” She lowered herself down, and felt the heat from the rock immediately begin to soak through her thin dress.


    “Yes, dear, I'll tell you all about it,” her mother answered sleepily. “But reule is important for your health, so I insist that you bask properly while I do it.”


    “Yes, mother.” Sonya obediently crossed her arms below her head and lowered her face into them, which exposed as much of her back and fins as possible to the bright light of the sun. They extended to nearly two feet above her, the skin stretched tight to show as much surface area as possible. Her mother was right; the voyage had been a long time to go without sun, and the lights on the ship weren't nearly as effective. Besides, specimens tended to be burnt by the type of light her kind needed to absorb. Her skin was a much paler green than would be considered healthy by any doctor, and she felt thin and cold. The sun's rays seemed to physically touch her back, bathing her in warmth and a comfortable drowsiness drifted over her thoughts.


    “We will talk about what we're going to do when your father gets back, but for now I'll tell you what's been going on in the Capitol.”


    “Oh,” Sonya said, “One more thing, before I forget – I brought you a specimen from the place we went. I won't bother you with the planetary designations and time calculations now, but he's in a room downstairs. I told him I'd introduce you soon.”


    “Mmm,” her mother murmured, “Very interesting. And Pascle will be joining us for dinner, as soon as he and your father get the ship cleaned up. I'm surprised they let you get away, considering how seriously they're treating this infestation.”


    “I don't know about an infestation, we must have shuttled off the ship before they denied docking privileges to the ship.”


    “Oh, well, I'm sure they'll get it straightened out. Now, about this new political development ...”


    Sonya's mother's voice drifted gently over the beach, and they lay peacefully together while Artichoke continued his vain scrambling up and down the coast.



    OOh, that sounds so nice! i want to go to the beach.,..

    goody someone finally figured out how to incorporate all of the various twists and turns this story has taken and put it into one posting!

    *is very excited*

    Did I do that?  I thought I just already knew what was going on ... O.o  Funny how I get a picture in my head of how it's going, then someone smashes it and rebuilds it.  :-D


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    Hey!!!   Not my turn here anymore ... we need material, peoples!  Bring the pencils & pens!  Leave the erasers at home!

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    I will write on the story, but first I'm going to modify my earlier post about the red aliens. I want them for my other story. I will keep the same idea and plot, but with different aliens.
    OK guys, take a look see at my only long post on page 2. It has been modified quite a bit as I have successfully extracted the Yaglu from the clutches of this story. I'll write again shortly.