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    Please use this thread to make suggestions on how to improve this site. Gadgets, anything you would like to see in the way of profiles, etc. I'm not making any promises whatsoever, but we'll take things into consideration and see what can be done.

    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2007
    Maybe larger amounts of text per post?

    Also, ability to italicize, bold, and underline would be cool.
    Well, I can change the amount of text per post. That's an administrative thing, not a site capability issue.

    I decided to leave it smaller, because most of what we post is chapters, anyway. I don't want huge blocks of text, unless you have a particular reason. (I think I had a better reason, but I forget what it was at the moment ...)

    Is there a particular reason you want larger blocks of text?

    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2007
    Because I like to write when I'm not online alot, (usually bits and pieces right before I go somewhere or right when I get home from that somewhere) and because I have dial-up, I can't log on and post it onto the site, it takes too much time.

    So I usually have all my stories saved to my desktop, and it would be alot easier to log on maybe once a week and just copy-paste it into the forum.

    I also enjoy going through and making paragraphs again if it posts as one huge chunk, because then it gives me time to re-read it and check for grammatical or spelling errors, and makes me look a whole lot smarter. =-p

    But if you would like to keep it small, there's no problem with that either, I just enjoy writing altogether =-)

    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2007
    Oh yeah, and another thing I was thinking about was the profile picture options.

    Why does it zoom in on one part of the picture instead of uploading the whole picture?

    Could that just be me and my browser?

    If not, could you change it so it gets the whole picture in the same size/thumbnail version?

    Heh, I'm just overflowing with possibilities this mornin'.

    Well, that's a decent reason. :-)

    I'll change it to more words-per-post, and it can stay thus unless we have difficulties.

    As for your pic, I expect it only allows a certain dimension to be used for the icon, which is generally taken out of the middle. You can manually shrink your picture to be a better size. One way to do that is to view your picture as a thumbnail in Windows Explorer, then take a screen shot, then crop that down and save it as just the thumbnail of your picture. I bet with sophisticated equipment there are better ways to do that, but that's my cheater version.

    I know most of the people have been extremely non-writing lately ... Yeah, me too. We'll see about fixing that in the near future. Like tonight, mebbe.

    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2007
    Fantastic, thanks Anemone.

    I set up a new writer profile on myspace if you would like that. I plan on putting alot on it.

    Mmmk, I'll check it out.

    ok ppl, I think I'm going to have to initiate a Sparechange point system for those of you who aren't posting enough! And believe me, you don't want negative change, that equals being in debt!!! So watch out!
    Hey, if anything, I'm totally winning. I oughta be set for life for stand-up candy and coke machines. :-D

    Okay, everyone, we have a new question in the suggestion box:

    We're considering changing the site drastically. This change would prospectively include profiles, blogs, forums, and a defined book / story posting area with a more navigable layout for new readers. Comments would still be possible on chapters, as well as controlled collaboration or single-authorship. There is also the possibility of integrating with other social networks, i.e. Facebook, of which I am a member.

    This seems like a good idea to me -- another change that could be made at the same time, however, would be a name change to something shorter and snappier. One suggestion has been, which I'm sure you will see the point of if you read it aloud.

    I would welcome any feedback on the subject, as well as suggestions for shorter names or objections to name changes.


    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2007
    I would not mind a format change. I would mind integrating with social networks. I also like the name as is. If you change it to anything how about, I think it keeps the feel of the actual name better than just 'writtenby' does.


    So, I did some upgrades and changes just now, here is a list of what has changed.


    1.  A visual text editor was added to the comments section. (This works in all browsers but safari)

    This should (Hopefully) fix an issue where certain users were not able to indent or bold as needed. The way to enable this is to Click on "Account" and then checkmark "Visual Editor Preferences"

    2. There is now a "Whos online" section that is displayed on the right hand of (most) pages

    If you dont want it displaying when you are online, you can hide your name from the function by setting the appropriate option in your settings. This was supposed help move toward the request for realtime communication.

    3. Users can now thank an author.


    There are probably a few more things that have changed, just have a look around a bit and see.

    Happy Holidays

    Oh btw to enable to text editor the link up there is wrong, you actually go to: Account\Forum Preferences and check "Enable Visual editing toolbar"
    Thankful People: Anemone Flynn
    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2007
    Geez, I've missed so much...