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    • CommentAuthorJenova
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2007
    Sun setting down on a Friday afternoon with a low breeze blowing by pushing the grass blades side to side. Running around playing in the grass is a little black dog with no name yet. He runs and runs after his brother and sister playfully playing like there is no worry in the world. On the porch a few feet away in a green lawn chair staring their way, Sits a young man with little thoughts his mind but the sounds of nature filling his ears and mind. The cooling breeze hits his face as the stream of light left hits his chest. With the sun setting low the bugs come out to feed in the cooling temperature made by the fleeing sun. Flying around his legs the bugs land and run as he tries to kill each and every one. "Damn Bugs!" he says in a low voice as the tone of his voice makes the dogs aware of his presence. The run to his feet now knowing he is there. With their wagging tail they say "Play with us" but the young boy does not move or even budge. They stop wagging their tails as if something is amiss and slowly move away from the porch back to the sanctuary of the grass.

    The young man is John Snipe a skinny young man with dark hair a somewhat dark tan. He is a senior student at the local school and is a few month from Graduating and leaving soon. The sun moves a bit lower and is now directly in his eyes he moves and tried to hide from the bright light. He stands up and the wind silences, the blades of grass are stiff and silent. He moves to the edge of the grass and watched as the wind return and pushes the ocean of green. The dogs continue to run around a play and come near him and beg him to play. He stretches his arm out to pat their heads and they see it as if "Ow, yes time to play" but as soon as they move away and await his reaction he retracts his arm back to the sanctum. His muscles beg him to move and react to the simple breeze, so they can stretch and exercise the cells they need but the man sees no point and continues to sit looking very calm.

    The sun sets more and the light fades and now the bugs say "It’s time to play!' the bugs come and swarm around the man and attack every limb that can. He moves and turn to avoid the attack but they bugs are too small and he cannot fight back. He stands up and moves to the sanctity of the porch but the bugs follow just attacking more. As a dark cloud moves in the distance like swarming bugs seeing a feast in sight. He moves to inside of his living room and closes the door to avoid the swarm. Inside his house the bugs are no less. They still attack with a second left. Deciding to move to a more secluded place he heads to his realm where nobody but him can enter. He walks down the hall to a big gray door. With a creek, he turns the knot and the door open to unveil a big but empty room but a cold breeze bursts out and blows all the bugs away. He laughs and says "too cold?” He closes the door now in a safe place where he can rest be left alone with no bugs to disturb him.

    The door closing behind him and the cool breeze hitting every limb, the darkness ahead clears as his eyes adjust to the light creeping threw the curtains. The room is large but empty with only a few pieces of furniture. On one end is a bed and on the other is a small wooden desk with a mess of wires and electrical tools. The tiles under his naked feet warm up as his presence brings heat to the room. The room welcomes him by adjusting to a more suitable environment. Behind the table is a welcoming chair turned to direction of the door. IN a way the chair is welcoming whom every to sit in it. In the corner of his eye he sees a closet of various colors with one of its doors open. Walking toward it he sees a shirt on one of its sections and takes it as to protect his chest from the cold winds of the room.

    The shield of wool and cloth give him comfort as he moves toward the desk to in the chair but he is stopped by a gust of wind coming from a machine. The machine is testing him to see if he is worthy to sit in the chair and claim victory but to John Snipe this is no challenge and he just walks through as if it was nothing. The machine feeling regret for challenging him is silenced by a push of a button.

    Claiming his victorious seat for surviving the conflicts, he turns on a computer on the corner of the table to see if anyone he knows is on to talk too. The machine starts with a slight hum and a welcoming tone. Suddenly, on the bottom of the reflective screen he sees a blinking bar with a person’s name on it. A feeling of joy hits him as he has found someone to talk to. With a click and a few ticks he sees that a friendly girl from a foreign country says “Hi”. “Hello” He replies with much happiness as he types but as you may already know emotions cannot be conveyed threw mere words so to solidify his happiness he sends a picture, a Picture of a happy face with a great big smile.

    Waiting on a reply from the girl he picks up and pen the twirls it around, tapping his foot on the floor impatiently as if he cannot wait anymore. Suddenly, he reads “She is writing a message” and his anxiousness grows bigger as he cannot wait to talk with her. Waiting for the message he looks at the table in front of him and studies the marking made on the wood table. The table is a giant slab of a trees life as it has a huge circle in the middle with the circles of life. The machine makes a sound as the message arrives from the girl. “Hello John, how have you been? I’ve been very good here and the weather is good. Today was a day just like any other, boring as usual, but nothing different from another, How about you?” John looks at the keys in front of him as they ask him to press them and reply but he has no idea what to say or if he should just lie. He presses the keys and says “I’m All right, today was another day of the same stuff for me too but school is getting more boring I assure you” A Ringing is heard as if from rooms away and John suddenly realized he has seven rings left to save it. He quickly writes “I got to go I’ll see you later” and Runs to living room to pick up the phone. As soon as he picks up the phone the other end closes and he feels so much anger for running over for no reason. He runs back to see if she is still there but she is gone elsewhere. “Damn” he shouts in an angry voice, he has just missed his chance to talk with his chatter of choice.

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