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    • CommentAuthorJenova
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2007
    Behind the blood pumping organ we know as the heart there is another heart much smaller but more fragile. It is as strong and as weak as we make it and it can make or break our lives. It controls how we feel every day and how we react to how other say. To some this is an organ of stone of unbreakable confidence and to others it is as thin as paper and as weak as a blade of grass. You cannot remove this organ but it is there and when u feel down it is what makes you feel like being sick, like being depressed but it also makes us happy, sad, or even mad. For me, it is a paper heart.
    mm Paper, but maybe you could call it something with more properties, as you say it has, such as the commonly used example of water. Frozen it is hard as rock, liquid, it is flexible, and as steam, it drifts away with no purpose and is fleeting as a breeze. I'm sure there are better comparisons, but for me, paper only covers the fragile side of your "second" heart.