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    • CommentAuthorJenova
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2007
    Lying in an ocean of coagulating blood, Crime scene investigator Gill Grissom finds a body. Hidden away in a dark alley behind the commercial area of the city where you wouldn’t find people unless there hobos and drug heads. “Who called in the body?” Grissom asks the Police officer standing by the cop car behind him, “An anonymous caller, we tried calling the number back but the number was no longer in service” He puts his gloves on and takes a closer look at the body. It’s a man in his 40s; he is lying on his back in the pool of blood. Grissom immediately notices that there are bullet holes on the man’s chest and in his left leg. Surveying the area he notices a blood streak leading up to the body and what looks like shoe prints in the blood. “It looks like he was shot but the body was planted here” Grissom says out loud but the police officer doesn’t even notice. Another car pulls up with flashing lights; it’s the coroner’s car. The Coroner, Doctor Roberts, steps out of his car and sees Grissom crouched next to the body. He closes the door to the car and walks over to Grissom. “So how’d he get here?” the doctor says to Grissom. “Don’t know yet but this was definitely a murder, He was shot”, The Coroner kneels down to examine the bullet holes. He puts on his latex gloves and sticks his finger into the hole in the dead man’s leg and suddenly realizes that there is no bullet in the wound. With a shocking look on his face he looks at Grissom and says “There is no bullet”. Grissom also very surprised goes to his car and takes out a gray folded bag and goes back to the body. “Let’s put the body in the bag and we’ll take a closer look at the lab”, The Doctor takes one end of the bag and they lay it next to the body and rolled it onto the bag carefully not the mess with the body much. They Zip up the bag and move it to the back of Grissom’s car. The Coroner takes a look around and says “Where could this man have come from?” Grissom removes his blood covered latex gloves and adjusts his glasses and says “That’s what we’re going to find out”.
    Sorta sounds like Law n Order or something of that nature. Lots of blood. . . , Flynn, whazzat word for being afraid of blood? bloodoooophoooobia??? my spelling might be a little off. . .
    Hematophobia, it would be, I believe. ;-)