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    My soul was singing a child's tune,
    the delightful words rhymed and rung.
    My timing was probably bad;
    I cared not if the words were wrong.

    That first tune became a background,
    the hesitant meter my beat.
    Marching years heralded changes;
    my soul started tapping her feet.

    Thought was bent inwards towards myself,
    learning became the melody:
    contemplation of puzzling facts,
    soul filled with curiosity.

    Attitude betrayed that fair song --
    disobedience, a minor key.
    I struggled with contradiction:
    to follow, and yet to be free?

    While still wrapped in that cold conflict
    loss added strains of harmony.
    Love I had never tried to show
    internally consumed me.

    Tentative steps which failed to find
    the happiness I meant to chase.
    Boomeranging back in time -- I'm
    never able to leave this place.

    Life struggles continuously
    and the instruments come and go.
    It's hard to remain consistent
    and thrive amid such ebb and flow.

    A question here my selves debate:
    should I stay? fight the motley crowd?
    Part clamors to rest; others, to
    change this tempo and sing out loud.

    What of a Conductor you ask?
    It's true, He's always in control.
    Yet, life's orchestra, at times, still
    dictates to the choir of my soul.