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    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2007
    To Feel…

    The sting of sweat burns my eyes, yet I refuse to stop.
    The prickling on my calves and thighs slowly enter my abdomen, yet I refuse to falter.
    The dizziness and blurred vision creates a surreal environment, yet I savor every bit.
    The cool morning air tears through my lungs, yet I swallow oversize mouthfuls.
    The destroyed ligaments send pain throughout my leg, yet I push on.
    The heart in my chest pumps fanatically, yet I push it harder.
    The muscles in my shoulder tense and cramp, yet push my neck forward


    As it draws to an end, the crushing sounds of life close in.
    The rush of cars.
    The rustle of leafy trees.
    The glee of children playing.
    The blazing sun rolling over the mountains.


    You've got great imagery, Dak, keep it up!