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    Compose a melody,
    Then add some harmony --
    Suddenly you've caught me; I'm listening.
    You spoke of my soul
    You contained the whole
    Pieces of broken glass glistening.

    A word can become
    A meaningless hum
    To whom do my actions give glory?
    The song in my heart
    Is only a part
    A cliche in place of a story.

    To live is to cry
    And yet souls can fly.
    It's not quite the end of the world.
    There's color on earth
    Of emotion no dearth.
    Bloss'ming expression not unfurled.
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2007
    And I know it! That's what I use my 'puppets' file for. To get it out of my system you know. I couldn't let you ordinary mortals think that I could be mushy.
    what's emotion no dearth?
    Of emotion no dearth ... dearth meaning lack. So, there's plenty of emotion.