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    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2008 edited
    Now and Then

    A now and a then, separate, but as one
    Hope in my now fueled by a distant then
    Unfulfilled, striving, until a future is won
    Breathing anticipation, beyond my ken

    Beyond my ken rests a future, its form hidden
    Shall surprise come with its unfolding lines?
    Or shall it be a dream often bidden
    To intoxicate, shall I know its signs?

    Familiar in their newness, comfortably worn
    A life of hopes remembered, in fullness
    Shall I know my flower by the bud that I was born?
    A finishing of promise, life in completeness

    Pause, halt, this glad anticipation
    Certainty of future evades our human grasp
    We have no charts to aid life navigation
    As we sail along towards unknown future, clasp

    Tight to the certain, the promise unshakable
    Glorious gift of what shall come, is yet to be
    In life eternal at the end, my faith unbreakable
    This one rock of love and rescue lets me see

    My future unfolding, my changing landscape
    With an eagerness growing, unfrightened
    By possibilities swaying, the shadowy shapes
    Of what might be around the corner unlightened

    Until they spring upon me, life as a surprise
    Approach the bends that lie away, ahead
    With no unhappy clouds of fear behind my eyes
    Enjoyment in your way, warm peace as I am led

    Wanting the unexpected, because I am secure
    Hoping for a twist of plot, since I know the end
    Speaking in calm confidence to the Author who bought
    My happy ending with his blood, death making sure

    His death, then life - a rescue. Mine, at last, final coming home
    Linger in green pastures, in his peace be still
    A center in this spinning world, from it do not roam
    Then unknown and expected, I can yield up to His will
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2008