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    Caressing gently igniting a glow,
    Pushing and swooshing to and fro,
    It’s gone in a second, no one can know,
    From where does wind come, and where it will go.

    Vitalized, energized, mischievous, free,
    Tugging and pulling it whispers with glee.
    Always it’s there, though you cannot see,
    Revealing its secret: “Come play with me!”

    Wind is conniving; it’ll shift and churn,
    Upsetting plans and causing concern,
    But it’s gone in a flash and soon you will learn,
    That where the wind goes, you cannot discern.

    So when the wind comes enjoy it and smile.
    Lift up your arms, make it worthwhile.
    For you never know, when the wind will retreat,
    Leaving behind only still air and heat.
    I had some trouble with this one... i think it still needs some work.
    I can really feel the rhythm in it.

    Don't change it too much. :)

    Hey, I like that one a lot.  :-)


    haha. :D it was fun to write..

    I can't write poetry.

    So you all must make up for my lack of capability.
    Well, have you tried? :D i'll bet you could write some, if you put your mind to it.
    Well, part of it is that am not inspired to. Very much.

    Actually the story that I just started is a very new thing for me.
    Normally I am not inspired to write that kind of thing either. :)

    Well, we're all glad you're inspired now.  Keep it up, Inspiration Boy!

    Your doing good! :D
    haha, I've only posted once!
    You're doing good on the other stories too though. :D