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    A smile to cheer the day,
    Has her shining clear eyes blue,
    And as they gleam the sky up high
    Reflects of their sweet hue.
    I hold her in my arms,
    And as we spin the world around,
    Her laughter strikes the happy chord
    That makes my own abound.

    Her bubbling excitement of
    A tiny budded flower,
    That dared to peek its head
    Out of the ground that was its bower;
    Her energetic bounding,
    In the yard, or at the park,
    Her chasing of a butterfly,
    Or laughing at a lark;
    Her singing blissful melodies,
    As she plinks away a tune,
    And her joyful dancing feet
    That couldn’t dance again too soon.

    Her head upon my shoulder,
    This exuberant little twister,
    Of everything she may yet be,
    The most she is my sister.
    Thankful People: Dynamic Juggernaut
    Nice job! I like it.
    thanks :D my little sis is soo sweet