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    Just for fun:

    Oh, my beating heart, be still
    Such raptures you have known
    In the past your mind has flown
    Until you took your pill.

    Oh, Love, do please hasten away
    To those who appreciate you.
    None other has a wit so true --
    I urge thee, run and be gay.

    The sweetness of your smile,
    Has got a bitter sting.
    And when with thoughts of you I sing,
    I think back quite a while.

    Once I was quite fast entrapped
    Full in thy bosom fair
    Now plead I, please give me air!
    I'll avoid this course unmapped.

    Requiescat en paz, amour
    I have no use for you.
    Go cause another to turn blue
    I'll soon even up the score.
    • CommentAuthorCrazyThor
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2007
    A Very Nice Valentine Poem you have Here.