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    My hand reaches out
    In a moment of mystery,
    My palm touches wood,
    My heart touches history.
    Magnificent grandeur
    A story untold,
    These towering giants,
    A sight to behold.
    A ring for each year
    A mark of the ages,
    Written on wood,
    And not onto pages.
    The giants of earth
    These God given trees,
    Leave a feeling of reverence,
    And awe on the breeze.
    My hand reaches out
    My fingers brush history,
    And deep in my heart,
    I thank God for this mystery.
    (Inspired by the Redwood Forest)


    Thankful People: Dynamic Juggernaut, Curly Que

    I'd certainly like to see the redwoods up close...

    Yeah, me too. I'm hoping my hubby will take me, 'cause all I've seen are the ocean redwoods, and I have a feeling they're not quite as big ...

    I could have spent several days in the redwoods!!! they are amazing.  unfortunatly i only got to spend several hours.

    I am awed
    *is awed*

    That's good, the breeze would have been dissapointed if you weren't  :D