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    I float,

    Serenity cushions me,

    Not a ripple is seen.

    Drifting toward adventures unknown,

    I float.


    I drift,

    Wind catches my arms of wood,

    Spins my body.

    Racing towards a gaping mouth,

    I drift.


    I race,

    Swallowed by roaring monster,

    Careening without a path.

    Upside down then right-side up,

    I race.


    I flee

    On water building,

    Churning, boiling, raging mad.

    Faster, faster, faster,

    I flee.


    I run,

    On and on with this angry monster,

    Rushing, rushing, and then,

    The demon spits me out,

    I run.


    I fall,

    On air I drift,

    Water cascades around me.

    Swooping, diving, as through the air,

    I fall.


    I dive,

    With a rush of wind,

    The ride is over.

    Splashing down, deep down,

    I dive


    I float,

    Serenity cushions me,

    Not a ripple is seen,

    An alcove beckons as once more,

    I float


    waterfalls...  diving down waterfalls... sounds nice although it could be more painful in reality.

    beautifully picturesque and easy to understand.


    Thank you!

    Wow, I can see I have a couple serious competitors for the position of Poet Laureate on this site!!
    just curious, is it a tree falling down the waterfall?

    Nicely done!

    well, i intended it to be just a small part of the tree :D or rather.. a twig. lol

    oh ok, the "arms of wood" threw me off a little.

    ya, i kinda just threw that in haha