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    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2009 edited
    Rocking slowly back and forth from the balls of his feet to his heels and shivering every few seconds, he waited. His bright, rosy-red nose and cheeks contrasted his naturally pale and translucent skin tone. As he breathed out, slowly rocking, his short breaths could be seen slowly rising; even more accented due to the bright, yellow street light above him.

    A faint flicker in the distance turned his gaze to the right. As he focused, he slowly slung his Kalashnikov rifle into his hands, shouldering it and aiming- making a small flick of his thumb, he switched the trigger safety from the large imprinted ‘S’ to the larger ‘SA‘ for semi-automatic. The slow progression of the Toyota through the winding, flat landscape draped in snow was followed by the riflemen’s sights. As the Toyota began to come closer and closer, the riflemen slowly crouched down until he was kneeling; the Toyota’s small motor puttering and sputtering up to the checkpoint. Kneeling, the soldier reached out his left hand while still shouldering the Kalashnikov with his right hand, arm, and shoulder, he grabbed a small metallic canister from the pile of canisters surrounding the base of the blazingly-bright light.

    The Toyota’s engine gave a small putter before increasing in rpm’s, making the small van lurch forward, easing faster as it approached. The soldier pulled the metal ring from the canister, holding the latch closed… Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… His calculations were thorough and he lobbed the canister in the path of the Toyota, 15 yards from the checkpoint and another 15 from the fast-approaching Toyota. The chemical explosion threw up a large plume of powdery snow and fragments of metal inside the canister. As the Toyota rolled to the side from the shockwave, he ran up to the now smoldering Toyota, the radiator and engine blown. Coughing inside of the vehicle was answered with sharp and precisely measured cracks from the Kalashnikov. Through the smoking bullet-holes now littering the bottom of the Toyota as it laid on its driver’s side, blood ran and stained the shrapnel and bullet-casing snow. Walking back to his small concrete barrier, he grabbed two more canisters. The first, lobbed right next to the driver’s wheel, slightly turning, exploded in a bright flash, flipping the Toyota yet again and crushed top up. Strolling, with his Kalashnikov now slung over his shoulder, muzzle to the sky, he pulled the pin on the second, tossing it within the cab as a groan emanated from within.

    A bright flash, followed by a constant and crackling burn pierced through the few feet he had approached. Slipping on his gasmask, the strong-built soldier, camouflaged in gray fatigues, he stood watch as the inhabitants of the Toyota yelped in pain. As the yells subsided the group sighed followed by a gurgle; and silence. The white-phosphorus and chemical combination burned their respiratory system from the inside out.

    Seems like overkill - if the first explosion didn't kill them, surely the shots were effective?  And then another bomb AND a gas grenade?  Tough riders in that car.

    must've been aliens.
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2009
    I'm not finished! You'll see. =)