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    The early morning sun glinted off the barb of the harpoon as the sailor raised it, preparing to strike the mighty beast rising up from the depths of the roiling sea.
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2009 edited
    Suddenly, Smitty knocked Hawthorne's elbow to one side, causing the harpoon to swing wildly around over the row-boat.
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    "Hawthorne, you idiot," yelled Smitty over the sound of the roiling water, "If you put that toothpick into it here, it'll swamp the boat for sure!"
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    Robert Hawthorne ducked quickly holding the weapon high in the air and turning with the momentum, the cruel, curved barbs narrowly missing his head, but despite his best attempts to bring it under control the harpoon continued to swing in a wild arc, the shaft of it heading straight for Smitty's head where he still stood manning the tiller.

    Because Hawthorn and Smitty were so preoccupied with  the harpoon, they didn't know that another sailor, by the name of Jimmeny Glouston, had snuck up behind Hawthorn and had a cruel dagger ready to thrust into his back - Glouston had a bone to pick.

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    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2009
    The rowboat, however, couldn't take the added weight of the stowaway on the same half of the boat as Hawthorne and Smitty and just before the dagger fell, the boat tipped over, plunging them all into the roiling sea.

    And the whale, never realizing his close escape, swam away cheerfully to the depths of the ocean, safe once again.


    Smitty clung to the overturned boat, clutching an uncontious Hawthorn in the other hand while kicking his feet wildy and scanning the surface of the water for their attacker.

    Glouston however, carefully remained disguised within a random patch of floating seaweed as the three stranded fellows drifted under a blazing hot sun and enjoyed the affects of salt water on sunburns.
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    Smitty captured a handy floating barrel of provisions and struck out towards where he hoped land might be with Hawthorne in tow. His face was set in a salty sunburned scowl and he wasn't thinking kind thoughts towards the wet weight of a man that he had recently called his friend, not after what had come of that crazy bet of his.
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2009
    Glouston took careful note of the tidal patterns and began swimming in the opposite direction.

    As he continued to swim and his arms held up under the constant strain, Glouston finally began to realize why his mother had  always pushed him so hard in swimteam.


    Three days later, Glouston ended up in France, while Smitty and Hawthorne reached the English coast.  They were all three promptly arrested by various authorities for scaring children who were sea-bathing.

    Meanwhile the whale wondered what he was doing in the English channel and decided he would become a trout.
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    As Smitty and Hawthorne dripped dry in their separate jail cells, they found they had time to finally contemplate their lives.  Neither of them could find a real reason as to why they had been on that boat in the first place. 

    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2009
    Glouston, on the other hand, merely flashed his badge at the arresting gendarme and was promptly shown to a warm shower and given fresh clothes. Afterward, he hired a buggy and drove himself home.
    When Glouston arrived home, he discovered that his favorite book was missing from his large library. He summoned the butler to have him explain, and was bemused to find him several inches taller than before, with a different musculature, and quite a new face.
      CommentAuthorNylad Mazzic
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2009 edited
    "I just finished reading it," the strange new butler explained, "I sincerely hope you don't mind, sir."
    Glouston, amazed at his audacity, called him into his office to find out what was going on around here.
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2009
    His reputation as an assassin tended to make the servants a bit more cautious of him than this fellow seemed. And Glouston wondered just what had happened to the butler he remembered, as he took a seat behind his desk.

    Glouston sat down expecting to settle into the comfy chair that fit him perfectly. But not only did the chair seem to swallow him up, the desk also seemed rather larger than he remebered it...

    He sat for a few moments, noting the increasing strangeness around him. Then he got up, went back to the bookshelf, and selected three books on widely different topics.
    Having served their time in prison, a fortnight after the incident on the English beach, the two seamen were released back onto the wet streets of Trangton. They parted, each blaming the other, and went their separate ways.

    Smitty, for his part sent word to his wife (who by this time was VERY anxious about him), and hired a carriage which took him to CottonFord - the property on which his home stood.  As he stood in front of his fireplace and looked around the comfy room and watched his wife prepare dinner, he resloved never to go off on another crazy adventure.

    As for Hawthorne, he felt a little bad about what had happened to Smitty because of him, but he refused to tell Smitty so because he still blamed Smitty for knocking him at the critical moment of the strike which would have terminated with the realization of the fulfillment of his boast. He felt sure he could have done it, but he resolved, for Smitty's sake, that he would refrain from boasting like that again.
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2009
    Even though there had been the honor of his school to defend. And Hawthorne still held that any properly trained student from Sussex Z27, Top Security Spy School, could harpoon a whale with no trouble whatsoever.

    As he contemplated these things, Hawthorne had been walking towards his own hometown, which was only a few miles from the place where Smitty resided.  But because Hawthorne's thoughts were so turned inward as he walked, he did not see- until too late - two men who had been hiding in wait for him, and who jumped him as soon as he passed by.

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    Outside the peaceful house in CottonFord, a mangy, deaf, old tomcat prowled. He started to cross the darkness in front of the door to the Smitty J. Hooley residence, only to be sent flying by a forceful kick from a well worn, expensive seal skin boot.
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2009
    The boot, accompanied by another of the same size, walked through the doorway, paying no further attention to the flying cat. The animal watched with a glare from the cover of some bushes as a few moments later, the same boots emerged, dragging a pair of bare feet behind them.

    Accompanying the barefeet, was a high pitched wail.  It was emitted the moment the feet crossed the threshold of the door, and continued on as the feet were then dragged across the patio and through the yard, scattering chickens left and right.


    The butler, if so he was, roused Glouston to the realization that he was still standing before his desk with a small, discreet, cough.  Glouston laid the three books to the side for the moment, and addressed the man before him.

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    "My dear man", he said in a patronizing voice,"I must say that I find pleasantries rather boring and a waste of valuable time, so let me get right to the point." Then in a slightly darker voice Glouston continued, "There are exactly three possible ways in which you can leave this room."

    Glouston held up a finger, "One, you tell me what is going on around here, two,  you tell me why you suddenly got the idea that you could read one of my books without permission, or three, you tell me where the blazis is my cup of coffee!"  Glouston paused a moment to take a breath then continued in a calm voice, "These are your choices - if I'm satisfied, you may leave this room in peace."

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    The butler considered these options gravely for a moment, hoping desperately that someone would walk in with some coffee, giving him the easiest way out of this sticky situation, but of course no one arrived so he took action. Heaving the mahogany desk out of his way, he grabbed the seat and back of Glouston's specially redesigned chair, and before he could react he folded it down into a briefcase shape and strolled out of the room muttering "I've found a fourth option."
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    The first thing he saw was a very, painfully, excruciatingly bright light directly in front of his face. Smitty blinked rapidly as tears came to his eyes and tried to peer around the rays of brightness cast by the light to make out the features of the man shaped area of darkness on the other side of it and that was when he realized he couldn't move.

    "Don't move, you've been in surgery for nearly six hours," a doctorish voice informed him.  On the verge of panic, (he hadn't needed surgery, he was almost positive of that!) Smitty waited for his eyes to adjust to the light.


    After his eyes stopped watering from the blinding light, Smitty realized that his arms and legs were tingling, and tried lifting his head to look at them.  On finding that his head was strapped to the table and that the only thing he COULD move was his eyeballs, He concluded that his other appendages were similarly strapped down, and hence, the reason for his immobility.

    Two other men staggered up to the light and Smitty saw bruises and cuts on their faces and hands. They had a hurried whispered conversation with a tall wiry man wearing a dark fedora who stood next to the surgeon, the subject of which, Smitty overheard to be Hawthorne.
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2009
    But were they doing this over the boating incident? Because the entire whaling fiasco had merely been a bet with the barkeeper at the Great White Shark.

    Smitty' thoughts wandered back to his wife.. was she allright? He had been dragged out of his own house after all...

    Fedora didn't sound very happy by the sound of things, including the soft thuds of fists impacting flesh. Smitty was beginning to realize that either it was just a cover up, or there was more to that bet than it had at first appeared, and more to Hawthorne as well.
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2009
    Just then, a man walked in carrying a briefcase. Smitty gaped in astonishment as the man popped the briefcase open and Glouston rolled, gasping, out onto the floor at Fedora's feet.

    Glouston stood up, trying to look as if being caged in a briefcase were an everyday occurance .  He rolled his neck around, to pop the kinks then glanced at Smitty and gave him as cordial a nod as events called for.

    The only sounds Hawthorne heard were the wind in his ears and the crickets chirping cheerily as he sprinted towards his destination, his eyes darting every which way as he could not rely on his ears for warning. He was breathing deeply and when he got there he slowed, and as quietly as he could he rounded the corner of the Barn just over one hundred yards away and directly east of Smitty's place.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2009
    If Smitty had known where Hawthorne was, he would have wished himself there, but Smitty was still strapped to a table at an unknown location. Furthermore, he was lying in disbelief listening to Fedora haranguing Glouston over his failure to kill Hawthorne during the whaling trip.

    Fedora suddenly glanced over at Smitty, who had been a little to obvious about his listening in on their argument.  He gestured to a woman dressed all in black - even her very high heels were black - and she promptly walked over and stuck a needle in smitty's arm, making him snooze within 10 seconds.

    The sight that greeted Hawthorne's eyes when he finally came within sight of the Hooley residence sent a chilled bolt of dread directly to his heart. Thankfully it was stopped by his ribcage, but it still left him gasping for a moment, unable to comprehend what he knew he was seeing.

    Chairs and tables were toppled over, windows were broken, chests were ransacked, and Hawthorn was astonished to see that there was large hole in the south wall of the home - being as the wall was made of brick.  But what drew Hawthorne's detail oriented eye, was the blood on the floor in the southern corner, under a few of the scattered bricks.

    The morning finally broke through the crack in the purple sky to see two men leaving from a meeting next to an almost conscious man strapped to a table. The two men walked in opposite directions each having a specific purpose in mind and the determination necessary to accomplish it.

    Glouston exited the building immediately - glad to get away from the angry Fedora, who was intimidating to even the most intimidating people.  He headed to a building that joined with the prison block, entered his secondary office, and immediatly dialed the phone.