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    Every Conversation ever had,
    Has limbs and roots and branches.
    The paths not taken, good or bad,
    And those beyond our reaches.

    As each new phrase from my lips drops,
    And a reply from each of yours
    My heart quickens with the possibilities
    All the galaxies yet unexplored.

    Words can have so varied meanings,
    Homonyms, antonyms, and more.
    And each pronoun left untethered
    Is better than the one before.
    Thankful People: Glorious Swain
    • CommentAuthorCrazyThor
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2007
    WoW... Anemone you have a thing for Writing this is Nice..
    Stage 2

    Every thought I ever had
    To date a mystery
    Its confusing just a tad
    The cerebrum and its history

    And while I ponder still
    Hoping to understand
    Sometimes I still thrill
    At the workings of the land

    Where does a thought begin?
    Who is the instigator?
    On my face a happy grin,
    All comes from my Creator.
    Aha! And now we need a third part from someone ...

    A possible triad???


    Every movement anyone makes
    Contributes to a symphony.
    Some are random; some forseen
    Purposeful consistency.

    How can this seem so delicate?
    I raise a finger, touch my face.
    We inhabit a world of amazement
    Reams of beauty, floods of grace.

    Look into my eyes and find
    Concentrated infinity;
    But while you're there, I've moved to here
    Quick, see if you can catch me.

    So many people move with style
    A ballet dancer, gymnast, or athlete --
    Somebody I once saw on the road --
    Fascinating physical poetry complete.
    This was a while back, but fun. :)