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    Thank you for your quick minds and even quicker pens. This experiment is progressing nicely. Keep it up!

    Okay.  I can haz cheezeburger?

    Lab Rat Anemone

    Uh... um give me a minute... Roses are red and carrots are orange... Then we go and we... uh.. hang on...
      CommentAuthorNylad Mazzic
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009 edited
    hahaHA. ... ... !

    I saw this topic before the other and was quite confused for a minute or two. The DJ is usually so much more reasonable than posting a topic titled Related Randomness Comments and then saying things that make no sense whatsoever in it. Usually.

    ~Nylad the Enlightened
    sorry about that...
    there, that better?
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2009
    Are you thinking harpoon, or blackjack, D.J.? Hawthorne was the one holding it, how is it about to hit him in the head?

    Yeah, I'm a little confused too -- I guess unless it's one of those huge, stand alone harpoons that you just shoot out.  They swing rather freely, if I remember right, but I don't see how Smitty is in any danger from it - unless someone shoots it, that is.

    I was imagining it as more of a big, short, heavy, metal spear. Hawthorne is still holding it, but his arm was knocked and so he is having trouble keeping the weapon stable. Think of a big wooden beam or a long, lead pipe. If the object is knocked to the side while a person is holding it, it starts to gather momentum and either must be dropped to let the ground stop it or it must be guided to a stop gradually, to avoid injuring anyone nearby. Does that make sense?
    So Hawthorne is poised to throw the harpoon. His arm is knocked aside. The front end of the harpoon (the pointy end) swings left towards his head. He ducks while holding the harpoon high in the air so that it won't hit him. Assuming that Smitty is standing to his right (as the harpoon is held in his right hand) the other end of the harpoon is about to hit Smitty. Now I'm sure that Hawthorne's arm is being twisted painfully, but it is perfectly possible that he can still hold onto it as it swings, especially if he is turning with it a little as he ducks. I suppose I could add that little detail. Better?

    But all of that was before Stinky Pete was blackmailed and had to stab Hawthorne to save his own life.. What a rat.  That of course made Hawthorne drop the whole thing.. the harpoon that is..


    okay scratch that... i didn't read the other discussion and the rules abou this randomness yet.. I will reappear at a later time.

    lol ok, there aren't really any rules here though.
    OK Pplz. You may now write up to two whole sentences on the Related Randomness discussion until further notice. Enjoy ;)
    Thankful People: Juggernaut's Dream
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2009
    So, Neemie, what was a whaling ship doing in the middle of the English channel? And what was a whale doing there?
    that's what I just posted! I figured someone else would bring it up too, though.
    I didn't say they were in the channel! I merely said they ended up on those various coasts. They could have been in the middle of the Atlantic. :-P So there!
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2009
    very, very good swimmers then. :P
    Your mom's a good swimmer ... Besides, as we're about to learn, anything's possible. :-P
    A trout huh?

    it's that grammar thing again.. ;D

    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2009
    I think we should give the D.J. a prize for the ability to fit the most words into a sentence. :D
    All these spies and assassins. It's overwhelming!
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2009
    Better to overwhelm than underwhelm. And what does 'whelm' mean, anyway? Weird wordness
    oops! I broke my own rule!!

    which rule?

    I have never heard wailing feet before...

    Correction:  I said the wailing was accompanying the feet    =D


    I second the nomination of DJ as suggested by the Fearsome Trenchcoat ...

    Oh! You didn't notice? Well then you'll just have to figure it out for yourself. ;)
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2009
    I'm sure you could if you tried hard enough... there ARE only 2 or 3 rules.

    *scrunches up eyes and appears to think VERY hard*



    But Glouston asked the butler to come to the desk in the first place -- he wanted to talk with him!!

    When I wrote that I was expecting someone to do an interrogation or something... but that's alright. ;)
    You know, along the lines of... you tell me this and I won't fire you and you can walk out, you don't tell me this and someone will have to carry you out, and you tell me this and I'll let you live.

    *feels sheepish that she didn't remember the above previous sequence* Wellll... You said that I only had to write a sentence that related to the one right before :D You didn't say it had to relate to the sentances Before that!


    I edited my last entry   >S   :D


    *clings stubbornly to the idea that this story will, eventually, have some sort of sensible interaction*

    I guess you're right, Bree, that was the only rule - I just couldn't see letting him get away with it so easily!!  :-D


    Wait! is glouston still in the chair/briefcase?

    That was how I imagined it, yes. His legs might be sticking out, but being an assassin I'm sure he's flexible enough to survive it.

    I want to know who's going next!

    alright, I'll think of SOMEthing not-so-intelligent to say.

    So there!

    What's-that-tongueish-thing-sticking-out-of-the Anemone

    hello? anybody out there? we seem to have hit a roadblock. can someone please remove it?


    roadblock? I'm trying to think of somethine intelligent to say.. I think it's called writer's block.. :D

    right, yeah, that's what I meant. :)

    Okay wait a minute, i just noticed something.. are we saying that Smitty was the one that was jumped? because the last i heard, smitty was at his house, then all of a sudden he was tied up and couldn't move.  In one of my earlier posts, I had said taht Hawthorne had been jumped.. was he the one we actually meant when we are talking about the bright light stuff? or am I just Way confused about nothing?

    ~The confused One