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    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2010
    Well then. I can totally write the secret society scene. Just give me a couple of days....
      CommentAuthorCurly Que
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2010
    oh yay!!!
    3 days later...
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2010
    Are you taking final exams this week? No? Hmmm.
    I realize that. I was simply pointing out that maybe you hadn't thought out your plan quite as well as it appeared.
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010
    meh. plan? what plan?

    ANYHEW.. finals are done now ;) NO more excuses!

    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2010
    *working working busily working away at the next scene.*
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2010
    It's only taken a month. :P
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2010 edited
    As Hugh moved forward after only a few steps he found himself able to stand to his full height. He looked around quickly, adjusted his expectations and perused his surroundings more slowly and carefully.

    He had expected the dimness and the tight quarters. After Rob's password exchange he had even expected one or more persons to be hidden in the chamber below the alley. The wood paneling and deep, brown carpeting had caused him to reevaluate the area and his more thorough inspection revealed the ambiance as less oppressive and more private. The dim light was not lack of lamps, but a soothing glow from even dispersed candle sconces. The only other person in the room was not a door guard, but a woman seated behind a small marble topped counter. Hugh noted a tube that traveled from the wall by her desk to the ceiling. He followed its path with interest, turning to face the way they had come. He noticed that while the pipe went through the wall, there was no longer any visible exit.

    The secretary turned a green-dyed kidskin leather ledger toward the two men, and slid a long, sharpened quill beside it. Rob signed the ledger with a flourish and beckoned to Hugh, who approached cautiously. There was a small inkwell sunk into the desk and he dipped the pen and began to sign. He suddenly noticed the signature Rob had used.

    He turned his head to hiss at his friend. "T. B. Sheep?" He grimaced. "I've seen you use some odd aliases, but this one...."

    Rob did not bother to modulate his laugh. "The Black Sheep, more properly" he said, in an explanatory tone.

    “And how exactly do you expect me to sign?”

    Rob scratched the back of his head for a moment, as Sasha jumped up on the desk and twined herself around the woman’s hand. Skyy was sitting politely at Hugh’s side, but keeping a sharp eye on the cat and the stranger nonetheless.

    “Perhaps M. D. Boy?” He began whistling the tune of a familiar nursery rhyme, then recited the words. “Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. One for the master and one for the dame and one for the little boy who cries in the lane.”

    Hugh rolled his eyes, but signed the ledger firmly with the suggested name. The secretary blew across the wet ink, then stood and pulled open a door that was hidden in shadow behind the desk. When they had stepped through, Hugh grabbed Robert’s arm.

    “You are not going a step further,” he said, still keeping his voice low, “until you have explained exactly what is going on here.”

    Rob glanced around with a grin.

    “Not what you were expecting? Come on, sit down and I’ll explain as well as I’m allowed.”

    Hugh followed him a little ways deeper into the room. Filled with wing-chairs, a few sofas, and a scattering of card tables, there were men reading, men writing, men holding quiet discussions and a few men gambling with brass buttons as chips. Rob selected two burgundy colored chairs, nudging Hugh into one and seating himself in the other.

    “You are in the,” here Rob slipped easily into an Australian accent, “Brumby club.”

    “As in wild horses?” Hugh inquired.

    “Aye. Founded for the express purpose of bringing down the Black Sheep Club.”

    “Isn’t that what you called yourself?”

    “I’m what you might call a two-facer,” Rob said, narrowing his eyes slightly as he became more serious. “I’ve finagled my way into the Black Sheepers, but only as directed by the Brumbies.”

    Hugh ran his fingers through his hair and yawned deeply. “Forgive me Rob, but why does your membership in two different gentlemen’s clubs require rousing me in the middle of the night and dragging me down dark alleys?”

    “The Black Sheep are more than a club, as are the Brumbies,” Rob continued. “We suspect the Blacks are being funded by Austria. They have been vandalizing properties and attacking persons, Germans, Swiss and their supporters. You may not know this, I don’t know how much clearance you had before your discharge, but our Chancellor has managed to arrange several meetings with the Germans. They show signs of being willing to support us, but this sort of thing is what could make or break a treaty. The Brumbies were set up to bring them down. We’re mostly discharged military, though we have got some civilians mixed in. Your friend, O’Keneally? Very verbal supporter of the Swiss government. He was attacked this evening. I’m not very high in the organization yet, but I know they were watching you as well. You’d make a good asset and you might have been in danger, so I got permission to pull you in.”

    Hugh shook his head from side to side.
    “I think I’m understanding what you’re saying, Rob, but it isn’t assimilating properly. O’Keneally was attacked?”

    “He’ll recover, nothing too serious,” Rob said. “At lot of surface wounds and shallow lacerations. Why don’t you take a sofa and sleep for a bit? The boss should be in early this morning and he’ll want to talk to you.”
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2010
    Secret society as promised. :D
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2010
    somebody else can take a turn now.

    Very good! how exciting!

      CommentAuthorCurly Que
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2010
    It just occurred to me how much time we have spent in this one evening. O.o
    that's all right, some entire books take place over a single day. ;)
      CommentAuthorCurly Que
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2010
    I don't think I've ever read one of those...
      CommentAuthorCurly Que
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2010
    Hugh was led to a chamber by someone he didn’t even try to recognize. Everything was swimming in front of his eyes. As he prepared for a short night’s sleep, he glanced at the clock, it said 三點鐘. He couldn’t make any sense of it, so he removed his boots and lay back on the bed without bothering about wrinkling his new suit. When he woke two and a half hours later he was slightly more refreshed. He tried looking at the clock again. It said 五點半鐘. He gave up trying to read the clock. Lying back, he remembered all the previous evening. He was sure he remembered everything correctly. As Hugh lay on his bed in thought he heard faint crashing noises, but paid no attention. Slowly sleep drifted over him once more.

    “Please, no!”

    Hugh awakened to the sound of screams and gunshots. He quickly pulled on his boots and, forgetting that he wasn’t in his own bedroom, reached for his gun above the door, without success. He looked around the little room for something to use as a weapon. Finally he grabbed up the clock. Rushing out of his chamber, Hugh had no idea where to go. He lost himself for forty-five minutes before reaching the large room where he had entered this underground complex. Rob looked up when he came in.

    “About time you got here.” He was the only person in the room who didn’t have some sort of bloody injury on him.

    “I thought it was a dream and then got lost in the tunnels.” Explained Hugh.

    “Yeah, just as well that you weren’t here I suppose. Here, help me with this bandage. Why are you carrying a clock Hugh?”

    “Oh, this?” Hugh held up the clock. “It was the most weapon-like thing in that room. Judging from the noise, I thought I might at least want something to bash people over the head with. “

    “You were going to bash someone over the head with my antique Chinese clock?!”

    wow. i can't make any sense of that clock either. Bad clock. :P


    Well, if he didn't want people bashed over the head with it, he should have made sure there were other options, eh?

      CommentAuthorCurly Que
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2010
    Has successfully destroyed at least part of Trenchy's shiny new club she worked so hard on. hehe

    Hugh heaved a large sigh as he rinsed the last remains of blood and dirt from his hands in the conistant drip from a drain pipe that had been directed inside Brumby HQ.  Apparently they weren't overly concerned about having clean water on hand.  This had presented a problem while trying to clean wounds - which he, Rob, and the other non-injured Brumbies had spent the better part of three hours doing. The injured were now safely groaning on makeshift cots, their wounds cleaned and bandaged.  Rob had given Hugh a crash course in first aide during the last three hours, and his head was swimming again.  Apparently the 'sleep' he'd gotten earlier hadn't been adequate.

    Hugh finished washing his hands and stood, his back popping in several places, along with a few creaks and groans from his hips, shoulders, and neck.  Rolling his eyes he looked around for Rob, unsure what he was expected to do next - and not for the first time missing his safe, comfortable home.  Not so safe anymore, Hugh reminded himself.  He had just lowered himself, sighing, into one of the chairs left upright during the fray, when it seemed a bullhorn was blasted into his ear.

    "M.D. Boy! Get your lazy carcass out of that chair!"

    Hugh jumped upright, eliciting another series of pops and and groans from his exhausted joints, and almost ran into a battering ram.  Or rather, a battering man, Hugh decided as he took a second look at the man who'd almost made him deaf.  Hugh was not a small man, but he had to tilt his head back to look the fellow in the eye.  Not only was this person tall, but his beefy arms and legs could certainly break bones without aid, and while he had considerable girth, Hugh could tell the man was in battle hardened condition - with a few added meals.

    "Get that lolly-addled, brain dead, slobbering look off your face and stand up proper!"

    Hugh realized the man hadn't needed a bull-horn to blast his ear off.  His lungs were quite capable.  Snapping to attention (he decided it was in his body's best interest to obey orders for now) he gave the man a salute.  It was then that he heard a chuckle off to his left, and Rob sauntered over, nudging him with his elbow.

    "I see you've met T.B. Full."  Rob chuckled.

    Hugh glanced sidways at the battering man, and then raised an eyebrow at Rob. "T.B. Full?"

    "Three Bags Full..." Rob enlightened him.  "He used to be Drill Sergeant for new Swiss recruits, he's got the bellow down to an art."

    Hugh looked with with slight trepidation at Three Bags Full., who threw his head back with a hearty chuckle and pounded him on the back.. "At ease boy..." still chuckling, the man turned and moved to join a few others gathered near the back of the room.

    "You ready Hugh?" Rob asked, changing subject abruptly. He gestured at the others grouped together.

    "Aw don't tell me... we have to leave again? Hugh groaned, rubbing his face.

    "Actually yes." Rob said, shaking his head. "I just got back from a meeting with the boss.  The people that attacked our hideout earlier were from The Black Sheepers - Apparently someone heard we were meeting, found our hideout, and tried to take out as many of us as they could.  Lucky for us T.B. Full difused the bomb they set before it went off.  As it was, they got quite a few us with bullets."

    "So now you have to find a new hiding place." Hugh said.

    "No.. we don't.. You do." Rob said, a grin on his face.  "You are the only one who isn't under suspicion right now.  Somehow word got out about where our hiding place was.  It could have been a traitor from the inside. You were the only new recruite who didn't know about the hideout until yesterday - and you were with me the whole time."

    Hugh was already shakng his head emphatically. But Rob held up a hand.

    "All's you have to do is find somewhere safe, secure, and out of the way.  Meanwhile the Boss is going to find out who tipped off The Black Sheepers.  Until he does, everyone else will be blindfolded when they go to the new H.Q."

    "That's going to be a lot of extra work." Hugh said thoughtfully.

    "Yes, but worth it, we think.  We don't want this to happen again.." Rob gestured at the injured men.

    "I thought you had more than one hideout.." Hugh said, trying a different tactic to get out of the assignment.

    "Of course we can't use those now either... The Black Sheepers probably know where they are too. They found this one.  It's just safer to pick a new one altogether."  Rob jostled Hugh with his elbow. "Come one Hugh ol'e boy, where's your sense of adventure!?"

    "My sense of adventure is finding one of my shoes when it's lost.." Hugh said dryly.

    "Well, then, just pretend you're looking for a shoe." Rob said with a laugh. Hugh heaved a sigh, he new he would regret joining the Brumbies.

    "I'll do it.." He said.

    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2010
    Have we actually made it into a tomorrow? I still don't think we're at the twenty four hour mark though...

    Well.. In Curly's post, she mentioned 'last evening' so I guessed that when hugh woke up, it was at least almost morning of the next day. :)

      CommentAuthorCurly Que
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2010
    Hugh stood in the driving rain wondering where they should go next. He and two of the more highly placed Brumbies had been wandering through alleyways all day looking for a place to put their new hideout. He had suggested using somewhere the Black Sheepers had already searched, but the Brumbies pointed out that all the other Brumbies, whom they were trying to keep in the dark about the location, would recognize any building they reused. There had also been objections to every other place he suggested. It was too small, or too close to the last place, or they just didn’t like it. Hugh walked down an empty alley and suggested one more place. From above, it looked almost exactly like the alley where the Black Sheep had found them. Hugh wondered how the other hideouts ever got chosen, since there was sure to be at least one objection.

    “I’m not sure anyone could ever make it comfortable down there, what with the drainage system here, but it’s the last place I’ll suggest today.” Hugh was quite finished with wandering through the streets in the rain. As they had walked through the town, he had caught glimpses of people sitting by the fires in their cozy cottages. He tried to push such thoughts from his mind, knowing that the previous Brumby headquarters wouldn’t seem half so inviting as the houses he passed. Suddenly, he was woken from his daydreaming and found himself bruised and muddy as well as soaked to the skin. One of the middle aged Brumbies who had been his assigned pals all day had jumped and pushed him into the mud. Hugh was immediately pulled back up again. All it took for him to lose all thoughts of warmth, sleep and rest, was the sight of two men at the other end of the alley holding something that looked dangerous. They were wearing dirty white sheep skins and reminded Hugh of how he had always pictured David should be depicted in a theatrical production, big and dangerous. He didn’t stop to get a closer look, but raced after the Brumbies wondering how the Sheep guys had found them. Soon, the Brumbies stopped and they decided that each of the three should take a different route to the headquarters. Hugh disagreed, but they looked at him disapprovingly until he decided to keep his opinions to himself. The two Brumbies raced off, leaving Hugh alone in another dark alley. He knew that the men following weren’t far behind, but the two Brumbies had warned him sternly not to follow either of them and promptly left, using the only possible ways out of the alley except for the way they had come. He didn’t have time for anymore thought, the pursuers were upon him. He dove into a doorway just as it was conveniently opened by a young woman emptying a bucket into the street.
    Thankful People: Trenchcoat
    Yikes! Poor Hugh. I'm sure he's had just about enough of intrigue and spying by now. He's probably ready to go home and pretend none of it ever happened ...

    Chilly Anemone