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    Bridge let her toes edge slightly over the vast icy abyss before her. It was her favorite game -- to stand up against the wind which howled over the depths, and see how far she dared lean over the jagged icy edge. The wall she knew was on the other side of the rift could not be seen -- only on the clearest of days was the shadow of that far land visible, and those were not common. Especially not during this sit.

    Bridge's mother, who had come from the far side, told her stories of the people and creatures which lived in the mountains on the other side. Those stories excited Bridge, had caused her stomach to flutter and her feet to crave dancing, for young as she was, she knew that it was her destiny to cross to the other side of the Crevasse.

    Now, it was the Time of Waiting, and Bridge was feeling impatient. She suspected her mother of exaggeration, sometimes. Surely no mountains could truly touch the stars! When Bridge leaned back and peered as far as possible into the sky of the opposite edge, she could see no such mountains.

    She had snuck away from the house, to 'check' on the rift.  The house had been awake all night, and she would have a new brother or sister by the morning.  When her nose began to cease tingling from the cold, she slipped carefully away from the edge and raced back home. 

    It would never do for the princess of Chilken's nose to be frostbitten!


    Arrow yelled encouragement to his mount as they stretched along the ground, hurtling towards the finish line. He could feel every working muscle as though it were his own. Daedalus's powerful wings spread out, then pushed back as he used that energy to throw himself forward and across the line of rocks in the sand. As soon as they passed, Arrow allowed him to leap into the air, guiding him into a circle to see who was hard on his heels. He gratefully felt the cooler air arc around him as they rose.


    So, Daedalus, we did it again!” The nearest rider was only just now nearing the mark, and the other ten youths were strung along for quite a ways back. Arrow headed for an outcropping of rock where another pegasus and rider was observing the competition. “How was that, sir?” His teacher smiled approval.


    Very good, Lord Arrow. I see you two are the fastest in the land race by a good margin. I will make my recommendation to the Elders this evening.”


    Arrow bowed his head in acceptance. “Is there any last advice you have for me?”


    Just this: Remember that strength and speed are not the only things required in any race.”


    Bridge gave the porridge a final stir, began to set breakfast out on the table.  Her brothers and father had gone out to tend the livestock, but would be back in at any moment.  Mother was helping her young sisters straighten the beds in the girls' room, andeveryone would be very hungry.


    As the food disappeared, Queen Ruth tucked Princess Mina's hair behind her ears.  "Careful, don't let that fall into your bowl."  The day's activities were being planned and chores assigned.  Bridge was to take Pera with her and go to the market with her mother's list.  Bridge was now an adult, and was nearly finished with her foundational education.  She was helping her mother instruct Pera and Mina in the fine arts of household management, which included bargaining, selecting good produce, and preparing meals.


    Pera was very excited that it was her turn to go to the market, and insisted on carrying the biggest basket on their way into town.  Bridge noted the watchtowers as they walked the short distance - the men inside would be scanning the sky over the rift for any sign that the Sunlanders were arriving today.  She couldn't decide whether she would be happy to see them or not.  Part of her had always yearned for Trading Day, but she knew now that she would desperately miss her family.  Still, either way, it would come eventually.  Pera was skipping along, several feet ahead of her, and she hurried to keep up.


    Arrow and Daedalus tensed, waiting for the signal to start.  This race, the final test of the Rallie, was what he had been training for all his life.  His entire tribe, except the few left behind to watch the goats, was watching along the sidelines with the rest of the Sunlander people to see who was to be named their new Prince.  The King and Queen sat on a dais overlooking the starting and finish line, and the King stood one last time to address the riders.


    "Men of Soleil!  It is now your chance to prove your mettle on the field!  The winner of this race will hold the highest honor in the land, and will be named heir to the throne!  You have all been specially chosen and trained for this moment.  You have agreed to swear your allegiance to the one who prevails.  We are ready to honor a new Prince!"


    A roar of approval rose from the crowd, and the King held up his right hand, extended to the sun.  He brought it down in a cutting motion, and a trumpet sounded from the side of the course.  The riders and mounts broke forward as one, and a cloud of dust enveloped the track behind them as wings and hooves beat the ground and air in a massive explosion of force.

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    The wide stone house sat at the end of the lane; the smoke rising from one corner made it look warm.  Bridge and Pera hurried to bring their purchases in.  It had started to rain and blow with a very chill wind.

    When they reentered the house, Bridge took Pera's shawl and boots while Pera transferred the vegetables and fish they had purchased to the kitchen.  The fish was fresh caught that day, and the fresh produce was from the hothouses on the other side of the town.  Chilken was never warm enough to grow most foods outside - a system of glass and wood huts housed the trees and beds necessary for gardens.

    "We found some fish, mother, at a very good price.  Caught today, too," Bridge informed her parent. 

    "Oh, good, your father will be pleased!" Queen Ruth walked back to the kitchens to talk to the cook about dinner that evening.  As it was Pera's day in the kitchen, she would be assisting with the preparation of the fish.

    Bridge walked back to her sitting room on the other side of the house.  She had also been trained in cooking and household matters, but unlike her sisters she also learned more directly from her mother about food types, preparation, and storage that were more common on the other side.  She was supposed to be reading about the 'deer' today, an animal she understood to be similar to a goat; but not quite so hairy, and with a bit of a different taste.

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