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    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2010
    Come. Walk. And let us gather
    Silence, around us for a cloak
    For this moment I would rather
    Keep close the quiet and invoke
    Deep stillness, a repose to ease out
    The thought and sight and hearing
    Of vastness unencompassed, a noiseless shout
    Of sheer, stark glory, we are nearing
    A perfection of happiness? This picture
    Spins inside, but outward calm
    Remains, so that wild bird’s chirr
    And first spring flower meet in my palm
    Beauty seen on an infinite sheet
    Realized in a brief, painful, heartbeat
    Thankful People: Juggernaut's Dream
    Is this still the same as it was when you showed me earlier? It seems different somehow...

    Beautiful!  " ... wild bird's chirr ... "

    Very nice imagery.

    Chirring Anemone


    Nice powerful words.