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    Here's our spot for introductions. Just stick something about yourself here, or the writing persona you've adopted. I don't need much info, but I demand some. :)

    I'm a 23-year-old, who has no specific writing ambitions, but likes to dabble and to encourage other people. I work full time in an office, and like to chat and hang out with friends in my free time. Poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction -- I run the gamut of literary effort.

    You can call me Anemone. I'll be around.
    • CommentAuthorCyranoPen
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2007
    I'm not really a boy even though I used a male literary figure as my name. Being the only other option available I'll say I'm a 23 year old girl.

    I write because I enjoy it. I dream of the day when I reach a skill level that people will actually enjoy reading my writing. I dream of the day when writing can be a part of my carreer. Not my only carreer, I have many dreams but then again, don't we all?

    My Mother used a word to describe me the other day that I shall use in my introduction. I'm a learner. I never grow tired of learning something new. The thought of there being a skill or trade out there that I haven't dabbled in excites me for the future, and I know I'll always have something to work for because the world will always have something new for me to learn.

    I'm currently honing my skills as a pianist, a singer, a writer and as I said before a teacher.

    I'm extending my collection of books to include a wide variety of children's and juvenile literature. I love books, but I love children more, so I read books that will help me understand the mind and understanding of a child.

    As for my pen name: I do not pretend to be half the orator or poet our fictional Cyrano was, I merely admire the character and his selflessness as well as his ability to put into words a perfect response for any situation.
    "Yes, the point, wit! I should like to die some rosy night under the sky, making a witty remark for a fine cause."
    -Cyrano de Bergerac
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2007
    There is not much I can tell you about myself. I will also kindly inform you that if you attempt to learn more of me than is revealed here, I will have to kill you. Please believe that I can do this. With my resources, I can do whatever necessary to preserve my privacy. Suffice to say, if you do not keep me entertained with your postings and if the serial stories are not continued on schedule .... I will make you wish you had been more diligent.

    The Deadliest Trenchcoat
    HMmm, I'm just going to give an abbreviated intro of myself for the moment. My name is SpareChange for many reasons, I always have it in the literal sense being one. Another is that I've always got thoughts running around my head. I write 'cause it's interesting to see what happens when they get put on paper. It's disappointing to me if I know what all will happen in a given story. That's it for now, toodles.

    • CommentAuthorCrazyThor
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2007 edited
    I probally won't do much of my own work for i don't write very often. However, I love to read and i will leave feedback on just about anything you have wrote and posted here. Reading others work gives me ideas for my own sometimes but like i had said before I don't write very often. So you shouldn't expect much if any of my work to be posted here. However if you wish for me not to leave feedback which I hope none of you do because I never leave negative feedback i ask that you Do post on the Very top "Please do not leave feedback" and if it is there in anymanner i will listen and won't leave feedback. Otherwise Expect me to leave some sort of feedback. It'll take me a while to get settled here. I'll read and leave feedback as soon as I can.

    Well I'm 15 Years old and like to read alot. that is pretty much me. I write once in a rare while. I'll be moving soon so I'll probally write about that. Anyways I hope to see work and/or coments/feedback from you all.. CrazyThor
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2007
    I am Dakoru, Cantor10589, or C.J., I love writing, and have been writing on the random forums for about four years. I love to write. I write for pleasure usually, but occasionally for articles for local papers, etc. I would love to display my stories here, and cannot wait to meet you all. If you have any questions about me, my writing, or anything else that isn't too inappropriate, then I encourage you to ask it.

    Otherwise, I hope to a long and fruitful experience on these forums, and hope you all will contribute to my growth as not only a writer, but also a friend. :)


    Hi I'm D.J. I haven't really done any writing to speak of but I am hoping to, once I figure out how to put my thoughts on paper. I am a perfectionist so I am not usually happy with what I write myself. But sometimes I get inspired and... very rarely, I write something that I actually like. I need to practice writing more often so please remind me if I ever actually start something.

    I will read anything u post, and once u post, u had better keep posting because Juggernauts are by definition, unstoppable, therefore u cannot hide... anywere.

    Hi, I'm Glorious Swain. I'm the guy you can get mad at when the site goes down :)
    I was thinking about doing some more writing and possibly posting here.
    You guys are all such fantastic writers, try not to be too harsh - or i might be forced to accidentally remove your stories from the database. ^^

    'Sokay, I have backups!  The rest of you guys have backups too, rightRight???

    Backups, people.  Always.


    New members are encouraged to write for fun! If you are writing here in an attempt to punish yourself PLEASE STOP. Ok so I'm joking. No matter WHY you are writing here, if you follow the forum rules *under "This" sticky* then write or we will find where you live and coerce your imagination into cooperating. :D


    Writing is like playing a game that you lost the instructions to. You can't remember the rules, so you make them up as you go and everything is even more enjoyable.
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2008
    If you don't introduce yourselves soon, I will send my centipedes after you. It isn't only Anemones that I threaten. I can attack harmless flowers and shape-shifters as well.
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2008
    All right, all right! You have successfully pulled me out of the shadows. My name is Daylily. You may be wondering why I failed to introduce myself immediately. I could say that I like being mysterious and enjoy lurking in shadows but that wouldn't be quite right. (I can manage mysterious but shadows don't suit me.) I will say that I haven't written much of anything, I love to read, and it has taken me twenty minutes to write this post. I am hoping to improve my creativity and imagination, read the stories and hopefully be inspired to write a few myself.

    • CommentAuthorMetamorph
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2008
    Metamorphae are defined only by their ability to change. These changes can be long term, or just to suit the need of the moment. I value the growth that turns us into someone we hadn’t ever thought to imagine ourselves as.
    As a writer, I remain the Metamorph, trying to define my style and become better. My writing experience thus far has been non-fiction. I love to write about tiny moments or scenes that other people may overlook and turn them into something unique. I experiment with humor, because life is often funny. I find fiction to be somewhat overwhelming in its possibilities, but the ever present daydreamer in me would like to organize some of the ideas.
    Sometimes I find that my writing changes mid-story, so please be patient while I try to align the changes into something unified. Thank you for the chance to write here.


    Heloooo everyone!

    I was recently informed that we had some new guests.  (And I know where you live, so behave yourselves.  *forshadowing chuckle*  And I have a Trenchcoat I can sic on you. Just so long as I keep her happy with me ... Nice centipedes, I'll only be a minute ...)

    So welcome to you all!  Post away, enjoy the fun, and feel free to ask any questions or submit any suggestions in the appropriate boxes.


    Ok, i'll give this a try... I'm Breeze (that took a lot of courage just so you know). I LOVE reading and i usually forget what time it is when i do, soo though i try hard not to be late, ... ya. Of writing, i have lots going on in my head, but when it comes to putting it on paper - I don't have much going on at all. Though i can sometimes come up with one or two good poems, i'd really like to try my hand at some other writing. So (after reading some above comments) i reallly try hard not to bore anyone.

    Thankful People: Dynamic Juggernaut

    Yeah ... I'd watch out for the Trenchcoat, if I were you.  You'll probably see a couple of threatening notes directed at me if you browse a little ...


    Advisory Anemone

    Thankful People: Juggernaut's Dream
    Oh someone new O.o Well you have to write all the time to make up for us slackers. It's the "new person" mandate. Effective immediately.
    Thankful People: Juggernaut's Dream
    you mean i can't even break for lunch?
    So, it appears that everyone who does not introduce them self in this topic gets centipedes sent after them, so I'd better do so now.
    I am Nylad Mazzic as the blue letters above this announce. I might not write that much during the school year but I will at least try.


    Hey!  I introduced myself, didn't I?  And yet, I'm sure the majority of centipedes are sent my way ....


    (Hi, Nylad.  Glad to have you. : -) )

    Sup there Nylad, glad you joined us.
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2009
    I haven't been on in forever, so I'll just reintroduce myself.


    That is all, ha!

    I miss you guys, I have been looking all over, and I think the site was down for awhile so I thought it had been plundered into oblivion. Please, fill me in on everything that has been going on.

    Hey, Dak!  We'd just about given up on you!  Sorry for any downtime, my dns went crazy for a couple of days a little while ago, but I think it's all fixed up now.  Anyway, welcome back, and please feel free to add whatever you can to our multi-faceted writing conglomerate!

    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2009
    Of course! Thanks for having me back. =)
    WB Dak! =)
    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2009
    School has been destroying me lately, so I'm sincerely apologetic I haven't been as active as I should have been. I might have to throw up some of my papers I've been writing for school to show you all I'm not ignoring you on purpose. =p
    Hey there!
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2009
    What's everyone been up to? Did y'all have a happy Thanksgiving?

    Yep!  How about you? 

    Thanksgiven Anemone

      CommentAuthorCurly Que
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2009
    I am the sadly lacking in interesting scary ideas, student of Anemone and Trenchcoat, Curly Que. I very much enjoy reading, but am not that enthusiastic about writing. I might from time to time get a good idea, it will however take me a while to figure out a way to put such a brilliant idea on screen.

    ~The slightly timorous Curlz

    Darling Curlz, we will be entranced to have our literary worlds enthrivened by whatsoever you choose to create.  Be fearless!

    Anemorific Anemone

    I am here.
      CommentAuthorCurly Que
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2017