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    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2012
    Cool water trickle over finger
    Faucet drip slowly warming
    Chilled morning hands linger

    Yeast into bowl, hear a singer
    In the background, growing sound
    Stir together with a finger

    Flour, water, leaven, bringer
    Of a pleasant, doughy scent
    Passing through the kitchen linger

    Knead in flour, hands a wringer
    Strengthening the sticky lump
    Turned to smooth shrugs off a finger

    Oven's browning, timer's ringer
    Brings forth the final loaves
    Let the fresh warm flavors linger
    I can totally hear this as a chant! Pacing through the first and second lines, with a lingering slowness on each third. Nicely done. Chantarelle Anemone