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    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2012
    To walk through the day - have you ever
    Watched your hours unwind from a spool
    Tried to use your path behind to tell
    What might be coming, but still never
    Discovering words to make a rule
    To guide your way to a life lived well?

    Have you ever sighed and sung "Oh well"
    Felt disconnected from the whole, ever
    Been trapped, another's whims of rule
    Changing your purpose? Re-wind the spool
    Undo the knots and tangles that tell
    Of pain, strife, and struggle. You never?

    Well, move closer, let this whisper tell
    How sorrow and cheer make one live well
    Taking time as it falls and never
    Letting moods of the sky, those ever
    Changing moods that color, spin, the spool
    Of day, never let them be your rule

    Nor use others to measure. No rule
    Of weather, time, or space should tell
    How bright your life, the thread on your spool
    Textures and thickness drawn from your well
    Of joys and regrets. All that ever
    Touched your past but you lost never

    And should we stop there and never
    Wonder beyond the scope of this rule,
    A short little measure that ever
    Restricts to inches, smallness, a tell
    Revealing a hand that was well
    Hidden. Not ball and chain, ball and spool

    Why must our days be bound to this spool?
    This blank humanity has never
    Served our needs, been tempered well
    To a kind, gentle, wise or just rule
    By which to live. It could never tell
    Of things beyond the petty. Ever.

    Have you never walked free ever?
    Dipping from another's well to tell
    Of freedom from the spool, the perfect rule
    This poem makes me see a struggle to live and go back over what's been done, trying to undo any tangles. But unless the author is a time-traveler, she's going to have a hard time. :-( Contemplativivacious Anemone