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    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2012
    1st Poet

    The hollow blare stretched before the dawn
    Long notes by bare throat and bone borne
    Languid sleeping minds pulled from tepid rest
    Leave the farmers to tend the corn
    Tread the unbroken bracken of the hunt
    Past tired trails already worn
    Beyond the known all the unknown knowledge
    Follow the hunter and the horn
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2012
    2nd poet

    The hunters break through the fresh planted fields
    Winter's food cut down with a knife
    Careless chasers of fairy gold, fool's gains
    Leave your past and sow needless strife
    Forgetting the foundations of wisdom
    Follow a shrill and strident fife
    And root in silt and sand - so cold, because
    The home hearth is the warmth of life
    "hollow blare" "bare throat and bone borne" "unbroken bracken" - such great, descriptive word patterns! Also, I feel for the poor farmers whose work is being undone. :-((( Mournful Anemone