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    Ok, So... Its been *clears throat* years since I've been here. To commemorate this occasion I would like to begin a story - one that I hope other's will continue. By the way, I changed my name, since my status in life recently changed.
    Tiny floss thin whiskers quivered. The crisp fall morning breeze brought wafts of delightful delicacies out the window and sent them dancing past the tiny ebony nose lifted to receive them. Cranny blinked her eyes, her small silky tail wiggling in appreciation. The baker had outdone himself today. She could already taste cinnamon apple muffins, vanilla orange scones, and ... her whiskers quivered again... CHEESE buns. Oh she could hardly wait until the baker pulled the last of the buns from the oven and set them on the large wooden counter to cool as he did every morning. Cranny had become accustomed to new exciting flavors and delicious crumbs of goodness. Her sleek fat brown sides were testimony to this. She had long ago decided that she had attained what no other mouse had - heaven. Anyone who said mice didn't go to heaven was obviously mistaken. While Cranny had nothing against other mice finding heaven, she really rather preferred them finding it somewhere else - which is why she daily made her rounds of the perimeter of the bakery each morning to make sure no one had encroached on her little piece of heaven. Cranny moved her shiny beady eyes away from the window from which all the sweet vapors were coming. She had two more corners to turn before she completed her daily circuit, and her stomach was already complaining for breakfast. Her feet made soft scurrying noises as she hurried onward, her thoughts solely on what her stomach wanted... food.
    You're making me hungry! :-D
    I want this to be a joint story, so everyone... CONTRIBUTE! :D
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2013
    Reminds me of The Roquefort Gang. And I will contribute... just need to let the intro percolate for a bit.
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2013
    Just one more corner now, and then a nibble of cheese buns to settle her grumbling stomach. Cranny’s nails skittered wildly as she rounded that last corner and immediately tried to reverse her momentum. That was not supposed to be there. She managed to retreat around the baseboard and sat there quivering for a moment. The, cautiously, she poked her nose around the corner. It was still sitting there. Cranny twitched her whiskers back and forth, while peering at the large lump that lay directly across her regular route. It was not so much the size of the object that disturbed Cranny, but the slow rise and fall of its edges that unnerved her. For a mouse, she had lived a relatively quiet and peaceful life, but she still remembered her mother’s cautionary lectures. She did her best to observe all the rules that she had been taught – “there’s no such thing as a free cheese cube,” so she left the huge wheels of cheese in the cold room alone, biting off corners of baked goods instead. “Pethood leads to deathhood,” so she stayed hidden in her hole when the baker was up and about – no matter how cheery and friendly the sounds from the kitchen were. Currently, she was considering “Likes to play, stay away,” as she watched the huge new creature bat a piece of wadded up paper from paw to paw as it lay sprawled next to the wall.