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    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2013
    The light touch on her shoulder woke her and she shrugged and pulled the blankets up closer to her chin in an attempt to fall back into the warm comfort that had come quickly after a filling dinner and a glass of port.
    "Sandy." Lord Curtmantle's voice was half-impatient, half-amused. "Come along, then, I need you semi-awake for this."
    "Hmmm?" Sandy rolled over and peered through the black darkness. "My lord?"
    "Hsst. Softly, very softly." Lord Curtmantle put his hand over her mouth before she could continue speaking.
    Confused as she was, Sandy turned and swung her legs out toward the floor. The cold stone against her bare feet did a great deal to make her more alert. And as her eyes adjusted to make the most of what little light was drifting through the bedchamber, she could make out the tall form of Lord Curtmantle, standing sternly still in the shadows next to the curtained bed.
    "I think I've found a lock fitting to your skills, Mistress Dabney," was his next soft comment.
    "A ... lock? Are we burglaring Lord Catsnose?" Sandy asked, with some dismay.
    "We are exploring that possibility," was Lord Curtmantle's unhelpful reply.
    Sandy lifted her feet and set them down on a fresh patch of stone. This square was even colder, if possible, but she still wasn't sure she was processing this scene correctly.