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    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2017 edited
    Awake, stare up at the blank white
    Breathe, stretch your length and fight
    Comforter, blankets and sheets untangle
    Drop bare feet to bare board, wrangle
    Every limb into alignment
    Frigid early air of the basement
    Greets uncocooned nose and wriggling toes
    Half lidded eyes, fumbling hand goes
    In search of watch, iPod, and earbuds
    Jumbled thoughts, pressing play, music thuds
    Kicks off the routine, part B
    Longing glance at bed, ignore yawn's plea
    Moisten throat with sips of orange juice
    Neck of water bottle throttled by hand's noose
    Open the glass door and slide out
    Peering blearily at garden's drought
    Quirk open the hose's spigot
    Refreshing the tomato's leafy crown
    Step 'round the house onto the path to town
    Take that last long deep breath, embark
    Under hill, over hill, barefoot lark
    Veering past leash strained dogs
    Weaving through gust downed logs
    Xenophobic squirrels throwing pinecone bombs
    Yelping, gasping, heart beat tomtoms
    Zen of pacing, long morning run