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    Behold the beginning of a new type of story telling on this fine writing forum. If you wish to escape your creativity cage, and be a part of history in the making, then read on.

    Here’s what to expect. Over the next several days or weeks a picture will be painted for you describing various aspects of the world that you have been thrust into. The characters of this world will be introduced to you and history will unfold. When the last introductory post is complete, I will unlock the trapdoor to achieving character status and you will fall through once your character bio has been approved.

    (Send correspondence to:

    From this point on, the rules are simple.
    1) You may only write as your character, but you may interact with anyone and even create your own non-player characters.
    2) Do not control other players characters
    3) Literary license is given to each to create stories, backgrounds, and for the general expansion/development of the world for the betterment of history.
    4) No communicating with other players in an attempt to reveal my identity.

    Good luck escaping your creativity cage!
    Your character bio must include the following, but beyond this may be as brief or verbose as you desire.

    Background info/history:
    Place of origin:
    How your character will be introduced (just and idea of where they might pop up):
    General physical description:

    *last but not least, indicate whether you wish your character to have ‘the potential’ or not. Yes, this is mysterious. Yes, it will remain that way for some time. No pressure but this choice could have major ramifications on your character's future.
    A Brief History:
    Breaking apart, crumbling into ruin, the dying world of Kiebos sent rocky fragments out into space, propelled in many different directions. Some were flung toward stars to be burned up completely, some to travel seemingly endlessly, joining the other flotsam lingering in the furthest reaches of space, and one fragment…. toward the world of Tutania. Encased within this protective layer of brightly glowing crust, was something unexpected - the essence of a dragon, it's consciousness carefully preserved within the core.

    The dragons who had called Kiebos home hoped to preserve their species by embedding their essences thus into many different fragments of their world’s core. Surrounding these rocky fragments, were rings of dragon seeds - each containing a different element of the dragon’s genetic code. They were a map to rebuilding a body for the consciousness buried within.

    Upon entry into an unsuspecting Tutania’s atmosphere, the dragon seeds were ripped from their paths ringing the rocky fragment, and scattered across sea and land alike. Where each dragon seed fell, its energy created an unusual storm, which lingered for as long as the seed remained undisturbed.

    The rocky fragment, now stripped of its layers of dragon seeds, continued on to its own point of impact on Tutania’s surface, bits of the rock flaking off as it fell. It came to its final resting place just outside Iotil, the royal city of the Tellirin Empire, where soon enough it was discovered by the Emperor’s people.

    Brought before Cyprian Makar Bet’Luna, His Divine Majesty the Emperor, the dragon’s essence deep within the rocky fragment stirred, making its choice. Joining in that instant with Cyprian’s own mind, the dragon transferred its essence out of the fragment. Having no true power to control anything Cyprian did, the dragon was merely a constant presence, speaking to the Emperor, yet unheard by those around him. They began to share every thought, every dream, every scheme.

    From that point on, foremost in the dragon's conscious, and thus the Emperor’s, was the finding of the dragon seeds. Ordering the remainder of the still glowing rocky fragment removed to his chambers, the Emperor henceforth seemed to those around him as if he never aged.

    Over time, perhaps months, years, even decades bits of the rocky fragment which flaked off during its entry were found scattered far and wide around the impact zone and were passed down through the generations from family to family. The sick seemed to be healed and the healthy seemed invigorated and longer-lived when in contact with a piece of the glowing rock.
    Now, the fragments and magical healing properties are but legend and story that has changed with time through each retelling. Unbeknownst to the folk of these lands, the fragments of rock offer to some a potential ability, by choice of fickle chance.

    Several months journey by ship across the Cerulean Sea a group of kingdoms, some thriving, others perhaps not, struggle amongst themselves for political gain, almost entirely unaware of the empire across the sea. Theirs was a concern for keeping life as they knew it, for advancement, intrigue, threats of war, and for the keeping of the common folk.

    Corranion, a kingdom situated on the continent Eupria, is bordered by the kingdoms of Nevarra and Gostago, and is several days journey across the sea from the kingdom of Puduan. Corranion’s once thriving economy was centered around commerce, yet now the kingdom is floundering. Perhaps this is because of a recent increase in pirate activity, perhaps a dwindling of goods from the neighboring kingdoms, or perhaps it is because of a strange increase in storm activity across the sea which claimed several of Corranion’s ships.

    King Michail Pyridian knows his neighbors covet the many spacious safe harbors in his domain and that they are itching to carve up his land between them. Because of this, he seeks to find allies and a means to help his struggling kingdom thrive once again.

    During the course of these struggles, one of Corranion’s few remaining ships is driven off course by a storm and happens to meet up with a strange ship, one of the Divine Emperor’s vessels.

    Upon hearing of this encounter, the Emperor grows curious about the people across the sea and decides to visit Corranion. Seeking to follow the whispered urging from the dragon essence within, the Emperor hopes to acquire allies to aid in expanding his search for dragon seeds. King Michail, desperate to revive his kingdom entreats the Emperor to make a treaty with Corranion. An alliance is struck and sealed by a betrothal between the Divine Emperor, and King Michail’s own daughter Sirina.

    Not long after the betrothal is announced, word spreads to the neighboring kingdoms, prompting King Davar of Gostago to issue an attack, intent on the capture of Princess Sirina. With his eye long kept on acquiring Corranion’s harbors for himself, the king does not wish the new alliance to solidify.
    Here are bio’s for the characters that have been introduced thus far in the story. Feel free to model your own bio’s after them, such as including a picture rather than a complete physical description.

    If you deny your creativity, and request my aid in creating a bio for you, aid will be sent.Though it may lengthen your stay in your creativity cage.

    The characters so far:

    His Divine Majesty the Emperor Cyprian Makar Bet’Luna: Joined with a dragon essence within his mind, his current main focus is the finding of dragon seeds and the expansion of his empire.
    Slightly pompous, arrogant, and vain
    Keeps a tight rule, yet depends a lot on his closest advisors for wisdom and aid
    Does not often show mercy, and has those trained under him to show none as well, particularly his army and ship commanders

    His Majesty King Michail Pyridian:
    King of Corranion, a kingdom built around commerce which is failing. Desperate for allies he has betrothed his only daughter Sirina to the Emperor Cyprian Makar Bet’Luna.
    A loving father to his only daughter Sirina, he tries to make up for a lack of time spent with her, by indulging her desire for freedom
    Nearly always tired, with rings below his eyes and worry lines on his forehead due to his struggling kingdom, and the the death of his wife many years before whom he still mourns
    Errs on the side of ostracizing his family as he focuses on fixing his kingdom, placing duty above love
    A gracious ruler, he is not generally feared, but looked up to despite the failing economy

    Princess Sirina Zelenthia Pyridian:
    The only daughter of King Michail Pyridian. Recently betrothed to the foreign Emperor, she inwardly struggles against the idea, yet in the end is willing to do her part to save the kingdom.
    Used to having her way
    Is proud, strong willed, and confident
    Trusts easily, preferring to give others the benefit of the doubt
    Loves her Andalusian mare Nieva and the freedom she feels while astride her
    Cares deeply for her father, her kingdom, and her people
    Has a fierce love for adventure which tends to overshadow her duty

    His Majesty King Davar Galodel:
    King of the mountainous region, Gostago. He has his eyes on the ports and safe harbors of his neighbor King Michail, and aspires to glory and expanding his kingdom.
    Always striving for more power
    Enjoys being in command
    Has a soft spot for statues created from the beautiful rock mined in his kingdom
    An ambitious and avid planner, always having an upcoming scheme

    Continent: Napari
    The Tellirin Empire encompasses the entire continent of Napari, under sole rule of His Divine Majesty Cyprian Makar Bet’Luna. Iotil, the royal city, is located in the south western corner. Just southeast of Iotil, a few days journey, is where the rocky fragment containing the dragon’s essence first impacted. The northernmost regions are very cold, having short almost nonexistent summers, and harsh winters. The southernmost regions are more temperate and experience a wide range of weather conditions. Scattered off the southwest coast of the continent Napari, is a string of Islands, also under the Emperor’s rule.

    The people inhabiting Napari have been self sufficient, and have been isolated from the known world for many years. The empire’s military forces are extremely disciplined and trained relentlessly, including the relatively new fleet of seagoing vessels that the emperor built not long after the dragon essence began whispering in his mind. Many of the villages scattered throughout the empire live in fear of the tight rule and constant patrols of the empire’s forces.

    Continent: Eupria
    Broken up into three kingdoms, each comprising about a third of the continent, Eupria is roughly two months travel by ship southeast of Napari across the Cerulean Sea.

    Corranion occupies the southwestern coastline, which contains the best harbors and fishing grounds of the continent. Its royal city, Orilon is situated at the center of the largest inlet, only several days ride to the border of Gostago, a neighboring kingdom. Corranion has a lot of rainfall in its spring and summer months, and boasts lush forests and deep rivers which rush toward the coast. Its southern peninsula stays cold year round and sees heavy snowfall. Corranion also has dominion over a small island just off the northernmost tip of the kingdom, which serves as an outpost.
    King Michail’s father had a piece of the glowing rocky fragment handed down to him by his father. The king commissioned a fountain to be built in Orilon’s main square, with the fragment being its centerpiece. The people of Orilon seemed to enjoy exceptionally good health after that, especially those who regularly used waters of the fountain. Over time tales grew concerning the healing powers of the waters of the fountain of Orilon.

    Gostago, to the east of Corranion, is known for its mountainous regions. One of its mountain ranges borders a stretch of the kingdom of Nevarra and also separates Gostago from Corranion. Its eastern coastline stretches down to the sea from the high tops of cliff faces, with no easy sea access. Due to its higher elevation, Gostago experiences cooler temperatures and slightly less rainfall, while still enjoying a bit of each season.

    Dotting Gostago’s landscape in various places, are large mining pits. These are the primary source for Jasper bijou, the surrounding region’s official currency. The stones are rough cut into a standard size and polished into ovals of a specific weight. Red bijous are the most common, and therefore the least valuable. Next, going up in value, are orange, green, purple, cyan, and blue. Each stone is marked with a special seal to indicate it is a legitimate bijou.]xFTvOyxJ17lEioSCQOf1ip4_11ZjEbgcbks7DcAN&tbo=u&ved=0ahUKEwiS0eLj6LzVAhUE-2MKHZ6GBmoQuIIBCCE#imgrc=X_FDglDpXFgRwM:

    The kingdom of Nevarra is north of both Gostago and Corranion. Fairly near the equator, the kingdom deals with the arid climate of a desert. Its lower portions though, are moister and more suitable for farming. Nevarra maintains a small port, however it is not as protected from the stormy winds which are known to blow from the western sea.

    Much of Nevarra’s profits results from the expensive dyes they create from their native plants, using the dyes to color the threads which their master weavers use to create immense and beautiful tapestries. Many of these tapestries are commissioned to tell something like a history, a passionate tale, or a legend. Nevarra’s tapestries hang in many of the most noteworthy houses throughout the kingdoms.

    Continent: Krialor
    Krialor is situated several days by ship to the west of Eupria. Two kingdoms claim rights over the land: Puduan and Hosh. The land was once united under the rule of a shrewd king well liked by his people, however, a feud broke out between his two sons. Both claimed to have been born first only to different mothers. Factions formed as the people took sides, choosing whom they thought was the rightful leader, until the land was broken into two. War between the kingdoms is ever brewing, yet neither brother wishes to be the first to cross the line of blood.

    Hosh claims the southern side of Krialor, and Puduan the northern. Most of the continent is temperate with lush plains, rolling hills, and copious areas well suited for farmland. Both kingdoms have well protected ports, from which they trade their diverse wares.

    At the northern tip of Puduan lies the Nahal desert, known for its sweltering heat and brutal sandstorms. Few take up permanent residence there, yet those who do have found a life in breeding a strain of exceptionally hardy horses many of which have found their way through trade onto the continent Eupria.

    The southern kingdom of Hosh boasts of frigidly cold days. The landscape is rugged and stony, barren of most plant life with heavy snowfall occurring nearly year round. The folk there live simple lives surviving off the various types of animals that migrate to their cold icy shores. They are exceptionally skilled at trapping, hunting and fishing and are known for making use of the entire animal as much as possible.
    As I receive and approve character bios I will add them to a list here for quick reference. Those on this list may feel free to begin creating history.

    Player characters thus far:

    Sirina Zelenthia Pyridian, daughter of King Michail, princess of Corranion: (Player GoldfishKisses) *note I will also be utilizing other NPC's to further the story when necessary, players are encouraged to utilize those characters as well in their own creations.*

    Marcella Sendara Bet'Luna, Legatee and daughter of His Divine Majesty the Tellirin Emperor: (Player Juggernaut's Dream)

    Tyrone Skean, trader of fine weapons: (Player Dynamic Juggernaut)
    [So it begins]

    The ship slipped silently through the onyx hued waters, the darkness of the sky being reflected in the depths below. Every so often a creak of oars, the lapping of a wayward wave against wood, or a barely perceptible flutter of sails upon a mischievous wind could be heard by a listening ear. But for the casual person, those who did an honest day’s work and now were most likely asleep in their beds, any of these telltale signs would pass unnoticed.

    Upon the forecastle deck of the Nonesuch, Captain Strane stood with his arms clasped behind a straight back, eyes trained on Corranion's sleepy seaward border. Silent moments stretched on, his crew nearly holding their breaths as they watched their captain for the signal, eyes straining through the gloom. They had quenched all lanterns and the crescent moon offered little to illuminate their intentions. Judging the time ripe at last, he turned and lifted an arm, signaling the attack to commence. Like a well oiled machine, flames were kindled along torches and bowtips alike, lighting the massive wooden ship like a byre and creating an otherworldly glow in the surrounding sea.

    As if on cue the five other ships stretching to either side lit in a similar manner. Cannons were readied, muskets loaded, and sabres unsheathed.

    Covers lay strewn haphazardly upon Sirina's large bed, the soft sheets doing little to comfort the turmoil within her mind. A fortnight had stretched by since she'd been betrothed by her father to the mysterious emperor across the sea, and each of those nights she had ended up pacing by her favorite windows. Nestled by these windows overlooking the sea was a soft bench to cuddle upon. She often spent time there during the day as well, her gaze following the water as far as she could see, wishing for adventure. Recently, however, she spent most of her nights contemplating the adventure she would have never chosen for herself, marriage to a complete stranger. Not only was the man himself foreign, his language, customs, and people were foreign to her as well. Long had she stewed over her father's seemingly brash decision, yet each time, as she finally fell asleep, she would realize he hadn't had much choice. His kingdom was failing.

    What would she have chosen if he'd offered her a choice? This was the question the princess now mulled over, her bare feet padding softly along the cool floor of her rooms, ignoring the welcoming alcove by the windows, her state of mind not allowing for rest.

    Strane had hand selected a handful of his swiftest and strongest for the task at hand. The plan was simple. According to his intel their target would be in her bedchamber, sleeping soundly, having retired for the night several hours prior. During the confusion and mayhem brought about by the attack, his team would quickly and quietly detour away from the main front of the attack and circumvent any patrols until they reached a pre-arranged location below the princess's bedchamber window. There they would find a rope already hanging down near enough to the window to permit access through it into the castle. They would incapacitate the girl quietly and lower her down from the window before making their way back to the vessel with none the wiser.


    Knowing her guards stood just outside her door, Sirina tried to make as little noise as possible in her pacing, not wanting a report to go to her father about the sleepless nights. No, he had enough on his mind. Chewing a bit on her bottom lip, something she only allowed herself to do when not under watchful and possibly judgemental eyes, Sirina paused a moment by the window, her gaze catching a sudden light in the distance, which illuminated the form of a ship upon the sea. Soon after, several other ships lit up, causing Sirina to inhale a quick gasp of surprise. Why had they - a boom sounded from the closest ship, and after that, an explosion at the base of the castle wall. Under attack, Sirina thought with a jolt. Rushing to her door, even as she heard more booming and crashing from outside, the sky lighting up with fire, she threw it open to find her guards already alerted. “Stay inside your highness.” One of the men said, holding up a hand to stop her headlong rush. Knowing it was futile to argue she turned back into her rooms frustrated that she could do nothing as the door shut behind her.

    Pulled back to the window, where she could at least see the attack, Sirina resumed pacing, one hand fretfully tugging at the end of her long blond braid, the other hand toying with one of the frills on her deep blue nightgown. Below she could see her father’s men gathering to confront the attackers, readying their own weapons, yet so much damage had already been done. The betrothal torn from her mind, Sirina wondered who had ordered the attack. Which of her father's rivals had finally chosen action over tedious politics?

    Torches blazed along the length of each of the ships as they released their payloads into the nearest group of buildings, opting for the most damage in a short amount of time. They didn’t plan to stay long as they would be no match for the fortress's defenses when they inevitably began retaliating in kind. A swarm of small craft rowed furiously toward shore to engage the ground forces and briefly wreak havoc to ensure the ruse was successful. One boat manned by four swarthy sailors broke from the rest and once outside the circle of light cast by the flaming ships, slipped quickly toward the shoreline ready to carry out Strane’s plan, the true purpose of this sudden attack.